Is Puppy Essentials worth it?

If you aren't already aware of Puppy Essentials, they are *essentially* a monthly subscription service, for your dog.

I have been recieving their boxes since last year, and month on month I am impressed with the content and the awesome products that always arrive.

And of course, Max loves them too.

I work with Puppy Essentials on an ongoing basis to make content for them, as well as try ot their latest goods. They are excellent at accomdating your dog's needs. This became apparent when Max had to go Hypoallegenic, and the team at Puppy Essentials switched all his monthly treats to ones he could have. i think that is so cool, and I have to say when that brown box arrives, Max certainly knows what is inside.

Each month you get around 5-6 products, and they are always a mix of edible and no edible goodies. Some toys, some food, some random, but always well recieved.

In the picture you can see above, we got a real good mix. Also in that box was a chewy bone, but Max nabbed that before I could get a picture. They are only £19 a month for the subscription, or you can buy one off boxes for special occassions.

I would really reccommend checking them out and supporting their awesome brand. They are great value for money and an excellent treat for your pups. Like I said earlier, they are so accomndating, you even supply them with info about your dog's age and breed so they can make sure the contents are just right. I would say they are worth it for sure.

You can watch the videos I did for them here too -

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

*this product was sent to me free of charge. In no way does that shape or form my opinion! :)


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