Self care, Self love and finally getting my nails done | Pastille Beauty Bar Leeds

Something I have never done before is get my nails done professionally. I rarely used to wear nail paint even - let alone have someone else do it. I think it was a mixture of me hating my hands, as well as the fact I was a serial nail picker. A not nice habit to have, but with how anxious I get sometimes I just can't help it! I think looking after your nails, whether that be by getting them done at a salon or painting them at home, is a real act of self care and can work as a great pick me up. Having pretty nails made me not pick them, and I felt so much better about my hands afterwards. 

A few weeks ago, with my 18th birthday approaching, I wanted to do some things I had never done - one of which was getting my nails done. A complete newbie - I didn't know what to do! I was scared it wouldn't be possible as I have short nails and to be honest, I didn't want incredibly long ones either. I like wearing false nails every so often, but I didn't want to commit to having acrylics or anything. 

I was introduced to Pastille Beauty Bar on Instagram and Twitter and instantly fell in love with their whole aesthetic and vibe. They very kindly invited me up to Leeds to try out their service for a review, and I immediately starting planning what I may get done...  

I ended up going on the day with no clue of how I wanted my nails ha ha. I knew I wanted something sparkly and influenced by the fact that my birthday was coming up, but apart from that I had no idea! Liv, the kind lady that did my nails, was so accommodating and let me peruse the different styles, colors and textures for a while. And oh, let me tell you, there were so many! The choice was unbelievable.

We started off by cleaning up my nails and cuticles, which included pushing my nail beds back slightly to reveal! I thought there was no way I would have that much room before, but by doing that simple trick, there was and is now so much more space to play with! We then applied the base gel - I haven't mentioned yet that I had a Gel manicure. We then opted for a pink base with a iridescent glitter over the top. The way is looked in the light was simply stunning! In natural daylight, when the glitter caught the sun, they shone like nothing else!

The doughnut really brings out the rainbow sparkle.

Above is a screenshot from Pastille's Instagram. I would really recommend following them for all the nail inspo you could possibly want! Their Instagram is @PastilleBeauty or you can click here.

And of course, if you live in or around Leeds, or are just visiting, be sure to make an appointment and go to Pastille! It is so worth it, the vibe is lovely, their Independent Women playlist is motivational and their salon is beautiful. You can make appointments online here or call 01132 460700. My nails lasted for just under 2 weeks. This can vary depending on your nails and how long you leave them before they start coming up at the edges slightly. I know they can last as long as 5 weeks, so I guess it depends on the individual!

Let me know what kind of nails you would get - what's your favorite color to wear?

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

*this service was provided to me free of charge. In no way does that shape or form my opinion! :)


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