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You know the drill. Someone asks you out for food. And the panic sets in. You scour the online menu to see what they offer. You get stressed, what am I going to have?

Being a big foodie myself, I was worried about not being able to enjoy a meal out the same as I did when I ate meat, when I transitioned to being a Veggie. Thus, it is somewhat comforting when most restaurants offer alternatives. Yes, most of the time they are pretty generic, but at least we know there will be something that we can rely on. I thought I would share 5 Veggie meals you will typically find in different kinds of restaurants to make you aware of the kind of options you can often rely on. Hopefully this post will act as some kind of inspo, or an idea of what you can always expect when eating out.

1) The Bean/Veggie Burger | American grills, Pub classics

In any kind of American style restaurants, they tend to have a Bean Burger of some sort. Burger restaurants will for sure, but even places like Frankie and Benny's, TGI Friday's and others have different variants on the classic bean, with some serving mushroom burgers or good ol' faux mince ones.

2) The Aloo | Indians

If you are not a fan of the classic Vegetable curry, most Indian restaurants serve some kind of Aloo. Whether it be a Saag Aloo, Bombay Aloo or Lentil Aloo, most of them do not include meat. Order one of these with a side of rice and naan and you will be sorted. It usually comes as a side, so don't forget to look there. You can always ask for a larger portion!

3) Pizza | Italians

A more obvious one, but if you're off to an Italian, you can always rely on a lovely pizza! Many Italian restaurants nowadays don't just limit themselves to a four cheese. In many places, you'll find different variations of the classic, such as Caramalised onion and Goat's Cheese, or Spinach and Egg. You may also find Pizza's at pubs or more "generic" restaurants - similar to the American style ones.

4) Salads (&Pastas!) | Anywhere

A more boring option in my opinion, but looking at the Salad option may be worth a shot if there is nothing else you fancy. A lot of places do a house salad that you can customise without the meat. The same goes for Pasta's too, just ask for it without the animal!

5) "Sausages" n Mash | Most places

A bit random, but have you noticed how many restaurants serve Veggie Sausages and Mash? I guess it is because Veggie Sausages are easily come by and not an expensive thing to have on tap as such. They can be used for breakfasts as well as the other meals, so most places wll stock them as they are a common veggie item. The best veggie sausages I had are below, they were from a pub in Hathersage in Sheffield. They came with a cheesy mash and onion gravy. They were more like fried bubble and squeak (definitely homemade, not Quorn in this instance) but they were so good. I know for sure that the chain "Farmhouse Inns" do lovely a lovely meat free sausage and mash too.

To be honest, with more people becoming Vegetarian and Vegan, the choices in restaurants has greatly expanded. There is usually a disclaimer on menus now too, where they say even if there isn't something on the menu that suits your needs, they can create something just for you. Most restaurants are open to adapting exsisting meals, and even a veggie cheeseburger can often be made Vegan when removing the cheese. Don't be put off by a small thing like that which is easily resolved!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

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