Why Center Parcs is my happy place

If you didn't already know, I have now been to Center Parcs over 10 times at least. To be honest, I have lost count. It is my favorite place to visit, and I recently went again for my 18th birthday. There are so many things I love about this place, so I thought I'd share a few with you. On a side note, this post is not sponsored by or in affiliation with Center Parcs. I wish. Center Parcs, hit me up, if you feel so way inclined. It would be a dream collaboration.

Waking up in the forest is magical. There is something so peaceful about staring out of the rather large windows and into the depths of greenery that are just outside your villa. You feel instantly at ease, like nothing could bother you in that moment of awe. It's a feeling of content, a feeling of peace. I crave that feeling when I am not there. That Center Parcs Feeling. 

Let's go through a few of my other favorite things about this place. 

1. The wildlife 

You really feel like you're living among the animals, in the best way possible. Obviously being in the forest, you are surrounded by birds, squirrels and all sorts of different animals, including bunnies! Check out the screenshots from my vlog below of the friendly squirrels that always visit our villa. 

2. The bubble 

I think you may only understand this if you have ever been to Center Parcs or somewhere similar, but it really does feel like you are staying in a bubble. Like ultimate happines, tranquility, and like nothing could bother you. It's rather serene, and again alludes to that Center Parcs feeling. 

3. The quality time

The quality time spent at Center Parcs with loved ones is really time well spent. Staying in the villa is the ultimate cosy getaway, and I always feel like we have much needed, and very appreciated family time when we go. We do activities together, and enjoy each other's company. It really is the perfect place to get together. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and liked seeing a snippet of why I, along with my family, love Center Parcs so much!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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