200 Degrees Blogger Launch in Sheffield

On Saturday, I attended the Blogger's sneak peek/opening of 200 Degrees in Sheffield.

If you didn't already know, 200 Degrees is a chain of coffee shops throughout England.

They roast their own coffee and sell it fresh instore. And trust me, you need to try it.

Not only do they sell their wonderful varieties of coffee, they also sell an abundance of sweet treats and yummy sandwhiches. I got to sample a few (many) of their cakes and a couple of their savoury options too.The falafel wrap was gorgeous and the potato salad was to die for! I repeat, to die for. You need to try the potato salad. Yes, I will keep typing the words potato salad so that you actually take my word for it. I also sampled the hummus and beetroot sanwhich which was very tasty too, but I have to say my heart belongs to the desserts. I can't decide whether I preffered the honeycomb (!!!) rocky road or the salted chcolate bubble. They were both so delicious!

I also got to have a good ol' chinwag with Natalie from A Lot Of What You Fancy. We spoke about blogging, YouTube, careers, Astrology and so much more, and it was so so lovely to be able to speak to someone who does similar things to I. You can see her blog post about the launch here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you will check out 200 degs too. You can follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook via the respective links. The atmosphere in the shop was so wonderful. The staff were so welcoming and really accomdating. The decor is beaut, and the shop has the right balance of cosy, without being too on top of each other. You can have a private chat, or get some work done, without feeling like someone is listening or paying too much attention.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

*press event (includes free samples, opinions are my own)


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