5 things to take in your hand lugagge that you may not think of

I fly to America in less than 3 weeks now, and even though I have plenty of time, I am organising myself pretty early to avoid any last minute stress. I haven't packed yet, no, but I have made "piles" of stuff in my room to make myself feel more at ease.

Today I thought I would share with you 5 things to take in your hand luggage that you might not of thought of. Often when packing we can get so caught up in the essentials, such as passports and passes, that we forget the smaller things that may actually make the journey run slightly smoother.

Talking of making things smoother, hand cream. Hand cream is not only great for your hands, it can be used as a general mosituriser to keep your body hydrated. Think of it as a multiple purpose cream, you can use it on your feet, elbows and face. Hand cream is very rich and thick, meaning it is the perfect product to use when your skin is dying for a drink. The one in the photo above is from Soap and Glory.

A change of Underwear. And a change of clothes too. (If they can fit) You may loose your main luggage, but you can't loose your hand luggage as it is always with you. Because of this, you should always carry a change of underwear, and a change of clothes too if you can. This means that in case your checked luggage gets lost, you will still have something to hand. My mum always says you should take a bikini in your hand luggage too, you know, just incase you need to go for a swim before your bag arrives.

Wipes. As Caroline Hirons once notoriously said, face wipes are for Fannies, Flights and Festivals. Side note: I hate that first word. It makes me cringe so bad. You know how some people hate the word moist? Well that first word is my least favourite word EVER. I use face wipes for my face often actually, as a first step in a cleansing routine. However, Caroline says that they should only be used on the three occassions above. Flights is an important takeaway from that I think. A good face wipe on a plane is needed, if you want to take off your makeup or freshen up in between connections. They are also handy for wiping down seats (plane seats carry a lot of germs) or wiping kid's hands if you are flying with a family.

A scarf. A scarf is such a handy thing to take on a flight, even if you are jetting off to a hot destination. They can be used as pillows on the plane, or blankets as it can actually get quite cold up in the air. As they are so multi use, it is really worth packing one. Well, you don't even have to pack it, as you can just wear it through security! You could take an oversize cardigan instead, as these are super cosy as well!

Something you can write with. So a pen or something. This is a must for long haul flights as apparently (especially with me going to America) there are quite a few forms you need to fill in prior to landing. I will be sure to chuck one in my bag just in case!

Let me know in the comments if I missed anything. The countdown is now on until I fly, and I really don't want to miss a long haul essential! I haven't lown long haul since I was 12, so it has been quite a while!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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