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Sometimes you just need a "pick me up" to get you through the day. Often, in times like this, we will grab a high sugar, chemical fuelled energy drink. One where we have no idea what is in it, and one where it will probably doing more bad than good. We have all experienced "the crash" whether that be from Coffee or other caffeine sources. You know the one where you have a great spike of energy for a while, before you crash back down to ultimate tiredness. 

Flyte is different. I will allow them to explain as I am sure they know more about themselves than I do! 

"Flyte is an energy drink that works like your regular energy drinks but without the copious amounts of sugar and chemicals! All our ingredients are sourced from nature. Even our sweetener is extracted from the Stevia leaf. With less than 60Kcals in each bottle you can feel great that Flyte looks out for your waistline too! Flyte has 100mg of organic caffeine extracted from green coffee. You could say its a refreshing alternative to a double espresso! You'll be safe and sound if you drink FLYTE (if you're over 18 and not pregnant)! As FLYTE has caffeine, we recommend that you drink up to 2 bottles a day. Experts say 6mg of coffee per kilo of body weight is safe."

You can find out more via their FAQ's here

I tried Flyte for the first time yesterday and I really enjoyed it. The Red Berries is my favourite flavour, it's ultra refreshing and best served chilled. For some reason, I kind of expected it taste like coffee, which it doesn't at all. They are fruity and delicious and light, with a slight fizz. It definitely spiked my energy levels in the afternoon. I usually have a nap before I go to work in an evening on a weekend, but I didn't do that for once. This may or may not have been down to Flyte, but it was the only thing I did differently! 

If you want to try Flyte for yourself, you can pick up a free taster pack here

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

*this product was sent to me free of charge. In no way does that shape or form my opinion! :)


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