Long Distance Friendships

I have several "Long Distance Friends". Some of them I met "In Real Life" first, and they moved away, and some are "Online" friends that I have met since beginning to talk to. Let me say before we divulge into this post, that my "Long Distance Friends" and some of, and if not are, my best friends. Here's why.

You treasure them.

You treasure all your friends, of course. But there is something special about being friends with someone that you may not talk to everyday, but you hold so much trust in them, that you know they will be there, for you, regardless. You also know that when you are to see them again, nothing will have changed. Your friendship contains so much excitement, because you don't get to see them IRL very often, which means the time spent with them physcially is so special.

I have 3 close LD friends that I thought I would tell you about today. I thought I would tell you how we met, and how we stay great friends, even if there are a lot of miles in between us.

1. Imogen

Imogen was my first online friend. We began to speak in early 2015 when I joined twitter to engage with YouTubers that I was watching at the time. I started watching YouTube the year before and felt that I needed to join Twitter so I could be a part of the online communities. Within a very short space of time after opening my account, I joined a group chat with a few other girls. I was in it for a while, and so was Immi, but she decided to message me privately as she felt we had a lot in common respectively. And she was right. We began chatting almost every day, constantly messaging, facetiming, tweeting, you get the jist. Of course, you get the comments "how did you know she was real?!" I am not stupid. You constantly get told about online catfishes etc, which is fair, and understandble with the height in online fraudsters. But it's not all bad. Once you meet someone you get along so well with, and click, it's worth savouring that friendship. So ignore the haters, please do. Immi and I met for the first time IRL in December 2016, over 18 months after we first began to speak. Now almost 2 years on from meeting, we don't speak as much as we used to, but we are defo still amazing friends, and I still hold amazing memories from being with Immi that Christmas and all the other times we have shared, whether that be over the phone or face to face.

Here is what she had to say about long distance friendships:

2. Alex

Alex was one of my very first best friends in the whole world. We met when we were around 2, and we're 18 now. Alex moved to America when we were 16, and despite this, we have stayed in touch every day since. He is such a wonderful friend of mine. He's the kind of deeply caring, considerate and lovely people that you just really want and need in your life. He always make me smile, and I'd say he is one of the few people that really truly know me. I cried (a few times) when he left, because obviously I was worried about how it would affect our friendship. But I shouldn't have had any fear, as we have probably grown closer since he moved.

Here is what Alex had to say about long distance friendships:

"The things about having friends far away is that, if they're true friends, when you see them it's like you never left. You don't have to see people all the time to know your friendship means something. I actually think it makes it better in some ways because the time you do spend together is so much more valuable. You never lose something to talk about. I also think distance does an incredible job at weeding out the people in your life who are just there for convenience. Some people are just friends because they live near you, or are in the same classes. These kind of people disappear and make room for better friends. I feel like before I moved I had 50% proper friends and 50% convenience. Then I moved and now I have lots of incredible friends all over the world that I can visit any time. Currently, all my friends are moving away to uni. They're spreading all over the states. My best friend just moved to El Paso yesterday, 14 hours awake from Bentonville. And I'm moving home to the UK in September. But that kind of distance doesn't scare me anymore because I know I can see her whenever, all we have to do is put in effort. And that effort will make seeing each other so much more special. And besides, Skype/Facetime are incredible, you never really have to move away."

3. Andrea

Andrea was my first YouTube friend, my soul sister and BFF of course. We made friend's in Fleur De Force's comment section back in June 2016, and we have been close friends ever since. Both having blogs and YouTube channels, we would interact via them, before it changed to talking on social media, and now Whatsapp. Andrea and I met for the first time "IRL" in November 2017, in London, when she came over to visit her favourite city. I had to take the opportunity to go and meet her, as we got along so well online. It couldn't have gone any better. Andrea mentioned in one of her vlogs that she was apprenhensive of meeting YouTube friends because she was worried about what they would be like in person. I said the same, there is always that chance you don't click with someone when you come face to face. Kind of like when you go on a first date (I have been on a couple) and it seems great on text but then when you meet up, there isn't that connection. I shouldn't have been worried, and Andrea agreed. We got on like a house on fire. We had and have so much in common, way more than we even first thought. Even though we may seem like 2 completely different people living two completely seperate lives, our paths have intertwined and crossed and it was totally meant to be. I can't imagine my life without Andrea, whether that be via text or physically in person. I am flying out to Arizona to see her next month and I couldn't be more hyped for it. I just can't wait to spend 2 weeks in her company. I miss London with her so much, so this is 2.0.

Side note. I smile so much whenever I watch the vlogs above or look at the screenshots. I was so happy whilst I was in London. You can read a bit about it here, and hear about my experience with Travel Anxiety. I was so so content in London. Down to the fact I was so proud of myself, excited to see Andrea, and overwhelmed at how well we got on. 24 days and Counting. USA here I come!

Here is what Andrea had to say about long distance friendships:

"Long distance friendships are hard, but they’re the strongest. Tested by time zone differences, miles and sometimes oceans between you, absence from daily coffeeshop chats or birthday dinners, long distance friendships are tested in ways other friendships aren’t. But because of that they’re the best friendships of all. Only two of my best girlfriends live in the same town as me. My other best friends live in Michigan, England, and China. Some of them I only see in person every year or so.  Some I text and FaceTime almost daily or chat with them on social media. Others, like my friend in China, we hardly speak in between her visits in the summer and at Christmas. A 15 hour time difference and her internet difficulties make video calls and social media difficult. But when she comes home to visit we pick up exactly where we left off. Only the truest and best of friends can manage that. One of my friends in England, I see once every year or so when I visit and usually every few months on FaceTime. She has three kids and there’s an 8 hour time difference and she’s not on social media, but when we catch up it’s the best thing and I know that if I have good news or bad news she’s always there to listen. My other UK bestie, is one of my newest friends but it’s literally like we’ve known each other forever. Despite the distance of time and miles we seem to be constantly chatting on WhatsApp or Instagram DMs, sometimes managing multiple conversations on multiple platforms at the same time lol. At the end of the day, despite all the difficulties of long distance, these are all the women that I turn to to celebrate my wins or when I need a virtual shoulder to cry on. I talk to them more than I talk to friends who live in the same town as me. Each of these women met me at a critical time of my life and we formed an instant connection. A connection that couldn’t be broken because they moved away. So while it’s hard to be away from them, and while I often wish they were here or I was there, I would never give up any of my long distance friendships, because I honestly don’t know where I would be without those women."

I love my best friends a lot. Of course I have other best friends who live close to me, and aren't long distance currently, but with moving out to University soon, I am aware my situtation and friendship with them will change - or just adapt. As all of my friends mentioned above, you know a friend is a true one when you see them again after so long, and nothing has changed at all. Writing this post has made me choke up several times. I miss my friends, and yes I am slightly worried about moving away from my other friends, but I know how amazing my LD friends are, so I am not scared about having some more. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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