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Learning to live, love and let go

You can't have everything the way you want it in life. Whether that be a bikini clad body, or the fit guy you fancy. Not everything can always be exactly how you'd like it. This can be hard to accept, but as soon as you except it, you can learnt to live, love and let go. I am never going to be a size 0, nor am I going to suddenly grow a new face that I am ultimately comfortable with. Nor am I going to instantly get over the past, or be able to overlook all my flaws. Regardless of what it is that plays on my mind, there is always going to be something. Or someone. It may be a thing or a thought or a person that you can't stop obsessing over. But as soon as you make the conscious decision to let go, a weight will suddenly disappear, or your shoulders will feel a lot lighter at least. Negativity is the kill joy of happiness. An obvious statement but a true one none the less. Constantly thinking negatively about yourself, your image, your past, your future, is just go