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Catching up

This is one of those blog posts where I have a lot to say but I have no idea on where to begin.  I feel like I haven't spoken on my blog for a while. I did 2 posts whilst I was away, but apart from that, I have felt rather disconnected from it. I want to get back into posting consistently, and talking to you guys just like I used to all the time.  Blogging is weird. A lot of the time you feel like you are just talking into a void and nobody is listening. I have addressed this in a post before, but sometimes the feeling of talking to nobody is kind of cool, because you feel like you can vent and express your feelings.  So, let's get caught up, and all ready to start afresh. There is a lot of exciting things coming up, but it would make more sense if I told you about what has been happening before I told you what's about to happen.  Recently, I finished my job/apprenticeship, and flew to America to visit my friend Andrea . That was intense. America was inte

Learning to live, love and let go

You can't have everything the way you want it in life. Whether that be a bikini clad body, or the fit guy you fancy. Not everything can always be exactly how you'd like it. This can be hard to accept, but as soon as you except it, you can learnt to live, love and let go. I am never going to be a size 0, nor am I going to suddenly grow a new face that I am ultimately comfortable with. Nor am I going to instantly get over the past, or be able to overlook all my flaws. Regardless of what it is that plays on my mind, there is always going to be something. Or someone. It may be a thing or a thought or a person that you can't stop obsessing over. But as soon as you make the conscious decision to let go, a weight will suddenly disappear, or your shoulders will feel a lot lighter at least. Negativity is the kill joy of happiness. An obvious statement but a true one none the less. Constantly thinking negatively about yourself, your image, your past, your future, is just g

Thoughts from the air #1

I’m currently typing this whilst on my way to Phoenix, Arizona. In America. A place I have never been before. As in I’ve literally never been to the states. And I’m currently sat on a plane, in the air, alone, going. Over 6 hours in, and feeling good. The ride so far has been relatively smooth, if you dismiss the odd turbulence here and there. I’ve been fed extremely well (I thought plane food was crap!) and I’m snuggled up, in a food coma, watching rom coms and living my best life. Who would have thought it. Who would have thought that I’d be here. Travelling to the other side of the world as an independent woman, doing my own thang. I may be travelling alone, but I won’t be alone more or less as soon as I step off the plane. My bestie Andrea, is waiting for me on the other side. Imagining that right now is making me so happy. Imagining us making eye contact after not seeing each other for 9 months irl is getting me so excited. We’re going to have such an adventure. 11 hours