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Catching up

This is one of those blog posts where I have a lot to say but I have no idea on where to begin. 

I feel like I haven't spoken on my blog for a while. I did 2 posts whilst I was away, but apart from that, I have felt rather disconnected from it. I want to get back into posting consistently, and talking to you guys just like I used to all the time. 

Blogging is weird. A lot of the time you feel like you are just talking into a void and nobody is listening. I have addressed this in a post before, but sometimes the feeling of talking to nobody is kind of cool, because you feel like you can vent and express your feelings. 

So, let's get caught up, and all ready to start afresh. There is a lot of exciting things coming up, but it would make more sense if I told you about what has been happening before I told you what's about to happen. 

Recently, I finished my job/apprenticeship, and flew to America to visit my friend Andrea. That was intense. America was interesting. I will do a whole blog post soon about what surprised me and some tips on travelling alone / going to the states for the first time. I spent two weeks there, before reluctantly coming home and back to reality. I think two weeks was a good amount of time, but now I am home, I wish I was back. That is always the case isn't it. If you want to see what I got up to in America, you can check out the vlogs on my YouTube channel or watch the highlights on my Instagram stories. 

I also got my third tattoo whilst in America. I am thinking about doing a post or video about all my tattoos if that would be of interest. For now, please enjoy the pic of it below. It was so painful! 

Since being back, I have tried to get back into working on my blog, YouTube and other side projects, but it has been a struggle. It's been a struggle to get motivated and stuck in, when I have literally been stuck in bed all day. I have not been ill, just very tired. I think the jet lag just made me that way. It's finally easing up after a week and a bit, but I am still very much struggling to get up in the mornings and actually do stuff. I am only writing this post because I decided to come to a coffee shop to do work today, as there is no way I'd do it at home when my bed and the Office box set is there. Side note, I have become obsessed with the US office. That is all. 

So, what's coming up? Well, I am going to Guernsey mid August to visit another friend of mine which is SO exciting. I have not seen her in over 18 months and I cannot wait! I am going to leave my MacBook at home (well I am still trying to convince myself that this is a good idea) and just have 4 days of total chill time and fun. I am going to take my vlogging camera though of course, I really want to capture the mems to look back on further down the line. I am just going to leave the edit until I am back and make the most of the time there. EEEEEEEE I am that excited. 

For the rest of the summer, I don't have any other concrete plans. Days out and catching up with friends and family for sure, but no more trips for now (I don't think ;)) sadly. I am just going to try and make the most of life, my family and Sheffield before I move to Derby in September. I am going for Uni, and I am really looking forward to the change. However, I am eager to make the most of my summer before that change and all the studying and stuff that goes along with it. Plus, I am so stoked to go homeware and stationery shopping! Yay. 

I am going to leave this post here before it gets too long, but I hope you liked it!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

Learning to live, love and let go

You can't have everything the way you want it in life.

Whether that be a bikini clad body, or the fit guy you fancy.

Not everything can always be exactly how you'd like it. This can be hard to except, but as soon as you except it, you can learnt to live, love and let go.

I am never going to be a size 0, nor am I going to suddenly grow a new face that I am ultimately comfortable with. Nor am I going to instantly get over the past, or be able to overlook all my flaws. Regardless of what it is that plays on my mind, there is always going to be something. Or someone. It may be a thing or a thought or a person that you can't stop obsessing over. But as soon as you make the conscious decision to let go, a weight will suddenly disappear, or your shoulders will feel a lot lighter at least.

Negativity is the kill joy of happiness. An obvious statement but a true one none the less. Constantly thinking negatively about yourself, your image, your past, your future, is just going to distract you from the beauty that surrounds you and the hear and now. You start to realise that life is precious, you only get one and you shouldn't waste time hating that extra belly roll or the person you are still kinda in love with. Even though they are things you might not be able to change, there is a large bunch of things that you can. You have choices always, and it's time you started making them.

I am an advocate of moving on. Learning to live, love and let go. Learning to adapt to change and new situations and new people. Learning to say "you're forgiven" after someone has done you wrong because they are the words that they may so desperately want to hear. Reach out if necessary, speak to those who love you, eat that pizza, jump in that pool, quit face tuning that selfie, smile a lot and laugh at your own jokes. Choose to surround yourself with people that make you happy, not people that are good for your image. Love despite. Sing songs from the top of your lungs and reconnect with people that will never leave your heart.

If you are reading this, I strongly encourage you to do all of that, and then some. Make someone elses day, tell them how much they are needed and wanted. Speak your mind for once, no one ever does. Don't live in fear, live in excitement. Don't lust, aspire. Be the change you want to see in the world. Read the book you've been meaning to for ages, text someone you miss just to see their words if you have to.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

Thoughts from the air #1

I’m currently typing this whilst on my way to Phoenix, Arizona. In America. A place I have never been before. As in I’ve literally never been to the states. And I’m currently sat on a plane, in the air, alone, going. Over 6 hours in, and feeling good. The ride so far has been relatively smooth, if you dismiss the odd turbulence here and there. I’ve been fed extremely well (I thought plane food was crap!) and I’m snuggled up, in a food coma, watching rom coms and living my best life. Who would have thought it. Who would have thought that I’d be here. Travelling to the other side of the world as an independent woman, doing my own thang. I may be travelling alone, but I won’t be alone more or less as soon as I step off the plane. My bestie Andrea, is waiting for me on the other side. Imagining that right now is making me so happy. Imagining us making eye contact after not seeing each other for 9 months irl is getting me so excited. We’re going to have such an adventure.

11 hours on a plane means no means of social media. I’ve completely switched off, and it feels great. No checking Instagram, or seeing if someone has text me back or not. I feel free! It’s crazy what a lil bit of downtime can do for you. Even if you can’t hop on a plane to do it, just turn your phone off for a while, you won’t regret it. I’ve watched films, ate food and listened to my favourite music with no distractions, except the occasional one from the air stewardess to tell me there’s another snack on the way. Those sort of distractions I don’t mind. 

Even though I had a few mini internal freak outs in the airport, I feel good. Calm. Level headed. I’m not scared of flying, I actually like plane journeys and I am really enjoying this one. I love being able to chill as mentioned previously, and I love being able to watch the virtual map to see where we are in the world. We’re currently going across Canada, you wouldn’t be able to tell that from outside however. Thick layers of clouds mask the world underneath, and I feel like I’m in a safe haven, up here away from the mess but home that Earth is.

I get scared of airports and business and crowds and people but I’ve got on with it and I’m okay. 

I’ll speak to you soon, I hope you enjoyed these thoughts from above. That sounds kinda creepy. I’m not some god like power. Even though some would call me a goddess ;)

Peace & Love 
Tamzin xxx
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