Thoughts from the air #1

I’m currently typing this whilst on my way to Phoenix, Arizona. In America. A place I have never been before. As in I’ve literally never been to the states. And I’m currently sat on a plane, in the air, alone, going. Over 6 hours in, and feeling good. The ride so far has been relatively smooth, if you dismiss the odd turbulence here and there. I’ve been fed extremely well (I thought plane food was crap!) and I’m snuggled up, in a food coma, watching rom coms and living my best life. Who would have thought it. Who would have thought that I’d be here. Travelling to the other side of the world as an independent woman, doing my own thang. I may be travelling alone, but I won’t be alone more or less as soon as I step off the plane. My bestie Andrea, is waiting for me on the other side. Imagining that right now is making me so happy. Imagining us making eye contact after not seeing each other for 9 months irl is getting me so excited. We’re going to have such an adventure.

11 hours on a plane means no means of social media. I’ve completely switched off, and it feels great. No checking Instagram, or seeing if someone has text me back or not. I feel free! It’s crazy what a lil bit of downtime can do for you. Even if you can’t hop on a plane to do it, just turn your phone off for a while, you won’t regret it. I’ve watched films, ate food and listened to my favourite music with no distractions, except the occasional one from the air stewardess to tell me there’s another snack on the way. Those sort of distractions I don’t mind. 

Even though I had a few mini internal freak outs in the airport, I feel good. Calm. Level headed. I’m not scared of flying, I actually like plane journeys and I am really enjoying this one. I love being able to chill as mentioned previously, and I love being able to watch the virtual map to see where we are in the world. We’re currently going across Canada, you wouldn’t be able to tell that from outside however. Thick layers of clouds mask the world underneath, and I feel like I’m in a safe haven, up here away from the mess but home that Earth is.

I get scared of airports and business and crowds and people but I’ve got on with it and I’m okay. 

I’ll speak to you soon, I hope you enjoyed these thoughts from above. That sounds kinda creepy. I’m not some god like power. Even though some would call me a goddess ;)

Peace & Love 
Tamzin xxx


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