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The Selfie Bag review

A few months ago, I was sent the Selfie Bag to try out and review. As you will know by now, I like to give things a proper go before I review them fully, and I like to also take my time to consider how I will show you a product or service. I never want to seem pushy to you, and I will never talk positively about something I don't like just because I got sent it for free. Your trust is integral!  I want to start off by saying that I really like the design of the bag. The black with the gold gives a modern face lift to the typical reusable cotton bag. The size is great, perfect for grabbing and using on the go, whether that be for shopping, days out or visiting the beach. It has an inside pocket, which is great for a few small items such as a lightweight purse etc. I say lightweight as the bag doesn't have a lot of structure obviously, so if you put something in the pocket that is heavy, it weighs down the one side and makes it kind of flop over - if that makes sense.

Turtle Bay Sheffield review (Vegan/Vegetarian perspective)

Yesterday me and my Mum went to Turtle Bay in Sheffield to try out their glorious new menu. Loaded with an array of fabulous vegan and vegetarian options, we were in our element. My mum is a vegan and I am vegetarian, so it was very refreshing to see a chain restaurant that has more than 5 fully vegan choices. I actually attended Turtle Bay's launch party a few months back, and you can check out that post here . If you aren't already aware, Turtle Bay is a chain of Caribbean restaurants in the UK, serving up many different meals with true authentic twists.  To drink, I had a rum based cocktail (I had to go for the rum, obviously) and my mum had an elderflower crush (she was driving). Very refreshing, and perfect for a Caribbean setting. I have actually been to Jamaica, so I had high expectations for the food and drink to live up too. To start, I had the sweetcorn fritters, as I had tried these at the launch party, and my mum had the doubles. I

Oh you're changing your heart?

I couldn't help but quote 1234 by Fiest with the title. It is such a bop. I am sure at least one person reading this has had to deal with the ever fun situation which is as follows. You're talking to a guy or girl, everything is going a - okay, and all of a sudden, they "change their mind". A polite way of saying, they led you on. How are you meant to deal with such situation? IT SUCKS. You're there, thinking that they are the love of your life, and that is not how they see it at all. You're planning the wedding, thinking of baby names, decorating the nursery, and boom, tis no longer. Something I realised recently after going through this quite a few times, is that you don't want to be with them anyway. You honestly don't. Effort is a two way street and you don't want to be the one putting it all out there. Even if something does happen between you and your crush, beau, or whatever the kids call that awkward "talking" stage nowa

Feeling confident with Norvell Ultra Vivid Colour Collection

Summer is a time of short shorts and cute bikinis. Unfortunately, short shorts aren't my thang, and cute bikinis show off too much of my body for my liking. One thing that does make me feel better when I get my body out though, is fake tan. I only converted to the world of fake tans recently, after a few brands sent me theirs to try in the run up to summer. Not being blessed with being able to tan well too, all the fake tans did come in handy. What is it about being more tanned that makes you feel SO much better?! Norvell recently launched their Ultra Vivid Colour Collection , and I have to say it certainly will put a pep in your step. This range covers all ground, and with just this collection, you'd be set for life. It includes a 1 hour rapid tan, my personal favourite, which is perfect for those last minute summer outings. We also have the tan extender, which is great for me too as a gradual tanner. I love my self a gradual tanner, they are so low maintenance and e