Turtle Bay Sheffield review (Vegan/Vegetarian perspective)

Yesterday me and my Mum went to Turtle Bay in Sheffield to try out their glorious new menu.

Loaded with an array of fabulous vegan and vegetarian options, we were in our element. My mum is a vegan and I am vegetarian, so it was very refreshing to see a chain restaurant that has more than 5 fully vegan choices.

I actually attended Turtle Bay's launch party a few months back, and you can check out that post here. If you aren't already aware, Turtle Bay is a chain of Caribbean restaurants in the UK, serving up many different meals with true authentic twists. 

To drink, I had a rum based cocktail (I had to go for the rum, obviously) and my mum had an elderflower crush (she was driving). Very refreshing, and perfect for a Caribbean setting. I have actually been to Jamaica, so I had high expectations for the food and drink to live up too.

To start, I had the sweetcorn fritters, as I had tried these at the launch party, and my mum had the doubles. I loved the fritters, they are similar in consistency to dumplings and they tasted great. Completely vegan and not compromised on taste at all!

After we had had our starters, the mains took a little while to come, to say it was a Monday night. However, it was a little busy in the restaurant, and I think they were just experiencing a few delays/set backs which made the wait more than normal. 

I ordered the chickpea and calaloo curry, which was yummy. It was quite hot, so if you are not into spicy food this may not be for you, but I do love a bit of a kick so I really enjoyed it. My mum got the other vegan curry (yes, there are two Vegan curry options!) which was aubergine. Hers was more of a creamy coconut base, so if you like something milder, this one would be for you.

I got the dumplings as my side (I really do love dumplings) and they were delicious, and very kosher. My step mum's mother is Jamaican and she has cooked me dumplings in the past, and I have to say, these were very similar. My mum got the dirty curry fries without cheese to share too, and they were really good. Think re invented chips n curry from the Chinese, they were epic! Loaded with spring onion, which is a personal favourite as well.

When it came to dessert, the Vegan option was the one that really caught my eye. It was a rich, salted caramel brownie with a vegan chocolate ice cream and a sprig of mint. My mouth is watering at the thought of it again. It was so gooey and gorgeous, the ice cream really complimented it. The only complaint I would have would be the mint, it seemed to have really infused into the brownie and it's not really to my taste. However I could see past this and enjoy it none the less!

I hope you enjoyed this round up of some of Turtle Bay's vegan/veggie options and my thoughts on their truly scrumptious food. Have you been yet? Or are you planning to go soon?

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

*I was invited to try out the food and service complimentary. In no way does this shape or form my opinion! :)


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