The best eyeshadow palette, like ever?! | Urban Decay Born to Run palette review


I haven't started a blog post with "Hello" ever, I don't think. Maybe once, or twice, but certainly not for a beauty post. I thought I would for this one as I believed that "Hello" was well over due. I haven't chatted to you guys in forever, I really miss that. I miss the feeling old school blogging gave me, that excitement to write a post and that buzz I got when I uploaded it. This mainly happened with beauty posts, so that's why I thought I'd write one about my current go to palette today.

Before this turns into some sort of life update post (I've done enough of those) let's get onto the actual eyeshadows, because I know the anticipation is too much.

The Urban Decay Born to Run palette. Ah. I bought this palette when I was in the US, hence the flag, and instantly fell in love. Well I actually fell in love with it as soon as I saw the sneak peeks on Instagram, I knew I had to get it. When I saw it IRL, I fell in lurrvvvvvvvvv even harder. The exterior packaging first of all, is so gorgeous and very travel appropriate. It's covered in city and countryside pics from all over the world, dreamy destinations that I am personally dying to go to. It's pretty sturdy too, definitely not fragile or easily breakable.

Inside is where the magic happens. Obviously.

The main reason I love this palette is because of its versatility. I am not a massive fan of neutral, browny eyeshadows. I just don't think they are very flattering on me. For some reason, bolder shades tend to compliment my colouring better. I like bright, warm oranges as they bring out the blue in my eyes, and I also love a good hot pink or teal. I don't really know why, I just do.

This palette has it all. (Almost). It's the perfect mix of plain and pretty, subtle and sassy. It has those pale transition shades. It has those peachy, fun oranges. It has those browns - however plain they may seem, they are necessary. It has lovely juicy cranberries and equally as stunning smokey shades for when you need that intensity. It also has some blues and greens, which I want to eat. It may be missing the super hot pink or classic teal that I lust over, but lets be real, they wouldn't fit into this palette. I describe this palette as the modern neutral. It's a neutral palette, and it can be just that. But it also has that flexibility to create something bold, yet stunningly beautiful.

Shall we talk about the formula now?

You probably already know that Urban Decay eyeshadows are probably some of the best. With a decent price point (this palette retails for around £39.50, but it is currently £31.60 on John Lewis) it is honestly a steal. It was what my collection was lacking, and with quite the surplus, I haven't felt like that in a while. Easy to use, bendable and reliable, it's definitely become my number one go to, for all my eyeshadow needs. I am never disappointed or underwhelmed when I use this palette, it always just performs.

You can sign up to UniDays here to get discounts on Feel Unique and other stockists too.

I would say that this palette, along with it's perfectly sized mirror, is my palette of the year. My 2018 recommendation, my love.

What is your palette of the year?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you did. I certainly enjoyed creating it.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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