My brow routine

I often get questions about how I fill in my eyebrows. I never included doing them in GRWM's because honestly, they took too long to do. I would spend up to 15 minutes perfecting my brows each time, up until I found the perfect product. This new kit that I have rediscovered allows me to fill in my brows in as little as 5 minutes. An actual game changer.

I've probably used every type of brow product on the market. Pencils to pomades, powders to gels. I always got along best with creamier products - ones that would glide through the brows effortlessly, but still provide a sharp, on fleek look. Most recently, I was using a pomade, which I loved, but it began to dry up, so I switched to a different powder that I found. Because of the dry formula, I found it tricky to use and had to dampen it with water every time. I then, by a stroke of luck, found the below hidden away in my makeup drawers.

The Kiss Cosmetics brow palette. I had completely neglected it, regretfully, and when I rediscovered it, well, I haven't looked back. The perfect solution to my lust for a creamy brow item. It has powders, and a wax. A WAX! I had forgotten how good wax is for brows, and this handy little kit has changed my makeup routine for the absolute better.

I use the wax first, and then apply the darkest powder on top. My hair is pretty dark and I like my brows to be too, so this is great. There is a lighter shade too if you want to do the whole ombre thing. The edit on the above pictures makes the powders look slightly warmer and lighter - I had to play around with the lighting because the OG images were way too dark. IRL, they are more cool toned and slightly darker, which is fab.

I combine the above with a little bit of the Beautanio brow gel, which keeps them locked in. The Kiss palette is pretty long standing itself, especially because of the wax, it really holds them bad boys in place. I just like to be extra careful. Oh, and I use the beautiful spectrum angled brush to sweep the magicness through. I forgot that part.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! And thank you to Kiss for gifting me this brow product, I am so glad I pulled it out of the drawers once again.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

*This product was gifted to me in the hope I'd feature it on my blog. I have, out of my own free will, because I truly love the product. No say from Kiss or their affiliated partners was said in this post. It was all my own words! :)


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