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A day I will never forget

There has been a lot of defining moments in my life. To be brutally honest, a lot of those moments I would have rather not happened. But they have played a huge part in who I am today, and I strongly believe that despite how hard they may have been, everything does happen for a reason . I've been through some shit. 99% of that shit I do not and will not ever (well, we'll see) post online, as it is private and too difficult to share so openly. I felt like this about what I am going to talk about today for a good portion of time, only partially opening up about what happened last year, in a spontaneous instagram post that you can see here . 8 years ago on February 25th (which is today, because I have spent way too long writing this post), I was involved in a car accident that almost took my life. I feel shaky and tingly and sad writing that. I was 10 years old. In a strange sort of way, I feel silly saying "I almost died". It's like when you get one ma

Pretty Little Treats

This post includes gifted products. We could all do with a treat now and then, am I right?! What better way to pick yourself up than with The Pretty Little Treat Company ? Based in Yorkshire (love local business!), The Pretty Little Treat Company sell handcrafted, vintage inspired bath and body products which are SLS and Parabens free. The packaging of their products are beautiful and covered with intricate details, such as bows and stunning imagery. They very kindly sent me some of their gorgeous items to try out, including their lip balm, hand cream and a body polish which I am most excited about. I love me a good pamper, and these items definitely make for one. They smell unreal. The polish smells kinda floral and lovely, whilst the hand cream smells sweet and feels so soothing. The lip balm however. OMG. It smells exactly like palma violets, I want to actually eat it. (Which I won't, don't worry, it just smells THAT good.) If you want to get your hands on th

A Vegan Valentine's | Luxury & handmade plant based chocolate

With Valentine's Day looming, what better time to treat yourself, or your partner, to some delicious chocolate? I know I wouldn't mind receiving some, and I definitely wouldn't be opposed to buying some myself... Why don't you celebrate Valentine’s Day with one of Spain’s leading luxury chocolate brands,  Cachao ?  The brand produces a range of handmade plant-based chocolate that’s the perfect romantic gift for those looking to impress the discerning chocoholic in their life. This  organic bean-to-bar chocolate is now available in the UK in time for Valentine's Day.  Exquisitely packaged in a gold box and tied together with a beautiful ribbon, the decadent chocolate gifts come in a variety of unique editions including  Lavender & Apricot, Rosemary & Walnut  and  100 % Cacao,   which are guaranteed to please a special someone this Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s Day Range Cachao Chocolate Squares  (40g) :  this pocket-sized box of Cachao’s signa