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Why it’s okay to cut toxic friends out of your life

“But they’re my friend.” “We’ve known each other for ages!” “They’ve been there for me in the past.” ...All of these are excuses I have heard in the past, reasons as to why people feel as if they cannot cut contact with a friend who brings a shit ton of toxicity into their life. It’s difficult. It really is. These are people we trust/ed. People we’ve built bonds with. People we thought would be in our lives for the long run. Accepting that they might be who we thought they are, or that they aren’t right for us, or that they might need to be cut off... it’s hard to deal with. This blog post came to me today after I saw somebody in public who I used to be really, really good friends with. We no longer speak after I decided to cut her off due to several insensitive comments she made about me/a difficult situation I was in. This was someone who I had known for 6 years, someone I thought was a proper mate. She proved otherwise, and I decided that was it. Some people might th

Making new memories at old places

Today I had a lovely day, wandering around Sheffield's Botanical Gardens  with the gorgeous Shannon Alexandra . I haven't been to the gardens in what must have been over 10 years. Maybe even 12, or 13. The last time I went was with family members I no longer have contact with. I remember the day so clearly.  It was actually a really happy day, one of few with them. It had snowed really heavily, and we were building a snowman out front and having a snowball fight. It was so quiet, we were the only ones there (or so I remember). That was so liberating to me as a small child. It felt freeing.  Looking back to then, and considering how much has changed since, it's so weird to contemplate. I wasn't purposely avoiding the place - the memory only came back to me when I was sat staring at the lawn whilst waiting for Shannon to arrive. But it did make me think about how, in the past, I have stopped myself from going to places that I believed I would rather just, forg

So, you're going to get a tattoo? | Tattoo advice for newbies, my experiences & my latest addition

I very much wear my heart on my sleeve, but I also wear my heart on my skin too. I have tattoos, all of which hold great meaning for me, and truly represent who I am. I have 5 so far, since turning 18 a little over a year ago. Each tattoo has been a different experience, so I thought I would share those experiences, in the hope of helping anyone who is thinking about getting their first, or maybe second or third, tattoo. Tattoo experiences vary due to the artist, the placement, the size etc, so I hope there is something for everyone in this post, due to the fact I would say I have a variation of all of the above.  I am going to split this post into 3 sections. Before getting a tattoo, the day of your tattoo, and the aftercare process. I have actually done a video about my tattoos (it was filmed before my most recent one) so if you want to watch a tattoo tour, you can do here .  BEFORE GETTING A TATTOO. My first tip would 100% be to sit on a tattoo idea for a *long* while

What to take to university! FULL checklist

So you're heading off to university? (Or you're just reading this blog post because you're intrigued?) I have got your back. In this blog post, I am going to break down more or less everything you need to pack when you leave home, and I'll also include what was already there, waiting for me. I am at the University of Derby , I moved in September 2018 and I lived in the Uni's student halls last year, and I will be next year. If you want to watch me doing a homeware haul from last year, you can watch it here . I also did a stationery haul, which you can watch here too. Finally, if you want to watch the vlog from when I moved into Uni, you can watch it here . Now onto the checklist! Kitchen: (Already there: mop, vacuum cleaner, bins, washing up bowl, drying rack, kettle, toaster, microwave)  I was allocated 2 cupboards (a higher and lower), 2 shelves in the fridge and a drawer in the freezer. Of course this varies uni to uni and accommodation to accommo