What to take to university! FULL checklist

So you're heading off to university? (Or you're just reading this blog post because you're intrigued?) I have got your back. In this blog post, I am going to break down more or less everything you need to pack when you leave home, and I'll also include what was already there, waiting for me. I am at the University of Derby, I moved in September 2018 and I lived in the Uni's student halls last year, and I will be next year. If you want to watch me doing a homeware haul from last year, you can watch it here. I also did a stationery haul, which you can watch here too. Finally, if you want to watch the vlog from when I moved into Uni, you can watch it here.

Now onto the checklist!


(Already there: mop, vacuum cleaner, bins, washing up bowl, drying rack, kettle, toaster, microwave) 

I was allocated 2 cupboards (a higher and lower), 2 shelves in the fridge and a drawer in the freezer. Of course this varies uni to uni and accommodation to accommodation. 

* Plates, bowls (I have 2 plates, 5 bowls/dishes) 
* Glasses, mugs (Including wine glass/gin glass ;)) 
* Cutlery, tin opener
* Potato peeler
* Sieve / Collinder
* Sharp knives
* Wooden spoon, spatula
* Fish slice
* Tupperware 
* Baking tray (+other baking stuff like mixing bowl if required) 
* Chopping board 
* Measuring jug 
* Pans (deep pans + frying pans) 
* Tea towels 
* Food tray 


(Already there: wardrobe, bed + mattress, desk chair, bedside table, metal bin) 

I have an en suite and a 3/4 (small double) bed.

* Laundry bag 
* Bath mat 
* Hand wash 
* Toothbrush holder pot 
* Bathroom bin 
* Drying horse 
* Towels (bath, hand, face) 
* Your clothes (inc underwear, pjs) 
* Hangers 
* Storage bins 
* Mattress protector 
* Fitted sheet 
* Duvet cover 
* Duvet 
* Pillow covers 
* Pillows 
* Decorative cushions 
* Throw 
* Lamp 
* Desk mirror
* Decor (like photo frames, pictures, bits n bobs)

Don't forget:

* Your electricals (phone, laptop, chargers, cameras...)
* Your toiletries
* Any medication
* Any important documentation
* Washing detergent
* Cleaning items (like bleach, anti bac wipes)
* Books

To keep you going:

* Some cupboard food/freezer food for the first week, ideally stuff that won't go off during the craziness of Freshers'. Think cereals and long life milk, instant noodles, pasta and pasta sauces, frozen chips, frozen veggies...

I think I have covered most things. If I have forgotten anything, let me know on here or on Instagram (@tamzinlena) and I will update this post.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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