A blog?! 4 YEARS LATER

August 15th, 2015.

I opened up Blogger for the first time and began to write.

I titled my post "A blog?!" and introduced myself to the internet.

That was 4 years ago. 4 years ago I started my online journey, kicking off with this very blog, which later led to a YouTube channel, and lots of other cool things.

I can't believe it has been 4 years. I feel like in a lot of ways, I have done a full circle. In that very first post, I mentioned that my main passion was writing. I think I lost that at some points over the past couple of years, but I can confidently say that once again, writing is my main interest. It brings me so much joy and it is something that I pour everything I have into. It feels so good to be so committed to something once more.

"This blog isn't restricted to certain types of posts, I will just be typing and writing about anything that inspires me at that moment in time." Again, reading this back, it all just feels so full circle. I have gone through fazes with this blog, fazes where I have felt like I need to fit into a box or a certain niche that I just don't belong in. I know I have been writing more about mental health and life recently, so I guess that is my area now, but I have always tried to keep it an open space, as it allows me to have the freedom I crave and a place to write about whatever is on my mind.

Me now and me when I started my blog. Yes, I had purple hair! I didn't have it for very long but I was certainly purple when I started this, so it makes it pretty easy to find those early pics!

All I can think about when it comes to this topic is how much my life has changed in the past 4 years. For better, mainly, but for worse also. It has been a rollercoaster ride (cliché I know) but I am so thankful for all the things this glorious little web page has brought me. 

Here are a few:

- Confidence

I started this website when I was still at school, and let me tell you, I had a very bad school experience. I was bullied for most of it, and I felt so lost and alone for pretty much the whole 5 years. This really knocked my confidence, and for a long time I felt like I had do redeeming features, after so many years of being told I didn't. My blog not only acted as a distraction to everything going on at school and elsewhere, it gave me something to be proud of, something to cherish. This really helped my confidence blossom. 

- Realisation 

With the types of posts I write, they are almost like a form of therapy for myself. Writing about difficult topics over the years has actually allowed me to see them in different lights, and realise that I need to change something or get out of a situation. I remember a post I wrote a couple of years back really turned a point in how I viewed a difficult relationship that I was enduring. 

- Friendship

From starting my blog, I have met so many wonderful people. More so through YouTube and Instagram, but I wouldn't have started those without my blog, so here we are. Everyday I am so grateful for these people. Special shoutout to my soul sister, Andrea, who has been on this crazy journey with me for the past 3 years. Much love!

- Opportunities

Since having a blog, I have been able to experience some truly wonderful opportunities, many of which are directly linked to the blog, where as others aren't so much but definitely came about because of the person I am, due to this site. This blog has not just got me blogging based work and collaborations, but the lessons I have learnt from all of this has got me jobs, side hustles and exciting projects. I couldn't be more grateful. 

This blog has brought me so much more, but I thought I would stick to 4 for now, instead of writing a mammoth essay like I usually do. 

Thank YOU for all the support and following along these past 4 years. Or 3. Or 2. Or even if you've just been here for a day. I am eternally in debt to you. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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