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Brightening up my life | Yes To glow boosting unicorn mud mask

*Includes gifted items I love a good face mask. They come in all shapes and sizes, types and textures. And I love them all. When Yes To sent me their latest Unicorn themed released, I won't lie, I was super excited. I really like anything pink, sparkly, holographic and cute, and this checked all of those boxes! The packaging is super fun, meaning it spiked my attention straight away. It would certainly catch my eye in a store or on a website. (They are available on Beauty Bay  too!) I have raved about lots of different kinds of face masks before on this blog. I use them regularly. To me, they are an act of self care. A simple way to pamper and look after yourself, I do believe that there's not much better than applying a face mask after a long day. I always look for ones that claim to be glow inducing, as my skin can often look a bit dull. The consistency of this mask is thick and clay like. It comes out of the packet in a pale grey colour, and once applied you st