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two thousand and nineteen

Every year I get excited to sit down and write this post. I get excited to go through my camera roll and look back at all the memories, and talk about what happened each month. This year has been different. I tried to write this post like I normally do, going through every month, and ultimately failed. It has been a whole struggle. Like big time. I feel like it's because as I was writing it, I was reliving times that I didn't particularly want to relive. Like I knew what was coming, and it's taking me back to a dark place. January, February, March, April... they were pretty good. I travelled to Barcelona, I was looking forward to my trips to Rome in May and Gran Canaria in the Summer. But afterwards things happened and things changed. I was blissfully unaware beforehand, and just thinking about what happened afterwards... well it is giving me anxiety. So much of this year was taken up by two main things. And they makes everything feel insignificant. They cloud over all