Getting ready for post-lockdown lashes! |

*Includes gifted items

A few weeks ago now (pre-lockdown), I was sent some pairs of gorgeous eyelashes from I got to wear a pair of them on a night out before all of this happened, and I will say, they are my favourite lashes to date! (The ones I wore were the eye candy ones!)

I cannot wait for another night out once all of this is over! The thought of being able to get all glammed up again, wear a gorgeous pair of lashes and be with my friends is keeping me going. is currently open, so if you want to stock up on some of your favourite lashes, ready for that first night out back, why not head over to their website and browse their endless supply of high quality, stunning lashes? They have lashes to suit every taste. Personally, I really like fluffy lashes, if that makes sense! Light but still dramatic enough to really make my eyes POP! 

I hope life is treating you all well at the moment, I know it's tough, but let's just keep focusing on that light at the end of tunnel. Whatever that might be, keep going. Every day is a day closer to this being over. You've got this. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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