Looking back on my 20 before 20 list

I turn 20 at the end of April and even saying that, well, it sounds kinda scary. I can't believe that I have (at the time of writing this) 44 days left of being a teenager. (I wrote this post a while back... now I only have 15!!!)

In some ways, I am apprehensive about "being in my twenties" and in other ways, I am so excited. I feel like my twenties will be the years I really come into myself after having a horrible experience being a teenager. The only reason I am sad about this part of my life ending is that I worry that I will get too caught up on what these years should have, could have and would have been if X,Y, Z didn't happen. I've come to realise though, that everything does happen for a reason, and I am looking forward to going into my twenties as strong as ever.

I thought it would be fun to look back on the list of 20 things I wanted to do before I turned 20, which I made last year as I turned 19. I filmed myself talking through the list for my YouTube channel, which is linked here for you to watch, if you feel so way inclined.

Here's the list, and whether or not I have done what I wanted to do:

1. Go on a fully solo trip (can be UK)

I haven't done this! I still want to but I just haven't had the time or resources too. Every trip I have been on in the last year has been with someone or where I have met someone at the other end. It would be nice to get away on my own maybe, but for the most part I love spending time with people and enjoying the company it provides. 

2. Read 20 books

I don't think I quite managed this either... I know I read a handful of books on that summer holiday I went on (which I referred to in the video) but even with them, and the fact I read Andrea's book 4 times (which I am not sure if that counts), I don't think I made the 20 total. Maybe something for this coming year? 

3. Go back to Arizona

I did! I went back in December 2019 and had a glorious, almost 3 week, adventure! It was amazing to spend time with Andrea and her family once again. I had actually spent time with Andrea and her mom back in October as well as they came to London for a visit. I spent almost a week down there and it was so much fun. If you want to see the vlogs from both the Arizona and London trips, check out my YouTube channel.

4. Write 20 letters and actually post them

I didn't do this... I just kinda forgot about it to be honest! I did send a lot of postcards to Andrea, from all the places I went last year, if that kinda counts? I feel like I am trying to cheat a lot in this post, which this isn't about, so I do apologise! I do really love letter writing, so maybe it is something I can do this coming year too. 

5. Raise money for charity

This is something I have had in the back of my mind for a while. Unfortunately a situation presented itself a few months ago that is in no way ideal, however it did give me the motivation to to do what I have intended to do, and raise money for a worthy cause. If all the plans I have go ahead, you'll be hearing about this soon. Edit: with the current lockdown situation, this is probably going to be postponed for a while :(

6. Go to a concert

I went to see Ten Tonnes with some friends which I absolutely loved! I was also meant to go to see Lewis Capaldi perform at an intimate gig but it was cancelled. I went to a smaller gig in the summer too.

7. Climb a mountain (or big hill)

Let's not even go there. Of course I didn't.

8. Do a fun run!

See above, lol.

9. Watch the sunrise

When I put this on the list, I intended to watch the sunrise from somewhere pretty. I think I have watched it in the winter from my kitchen window? Something for this summer whilst I am travelling! (Edit, again, lockdown...) I might have actually watched it on a plane too, if that counts, yet again...

10. Catch a random train going anywhere!

Not yet, but soon hopefully!

11. Be in the audience for a TV show

I really did have wild ideas last year, haha. I didn't do this, but I guess it is on my bucket list.

12. A weekend without a phone!

I don't know if I have done a solid weekend per say, but I have taken a lot of mini breaks which has been super refreshing!

13. Take a skiing class

Lots of wild ideas... that I didn't do... obviously was really trying to channel that Chalet Girl vibe!

14. Go to a museum

I went to a few in Rome!

15. Go somewhere I’ve always dreamed of

Rome for sure! In particular Pompeii, I absolutely love the fact I was able to tick this off my ultimate bucket list, and not just this one!

16. Get another tattoo

I got 3 more, lol. 

17. Go camping

I went camping in Newquay last summer, and it was a disaster. So maybe not one for the coming year, haha. 

18. Practise self love and self care often

I have tried, a partial success I would say! 

19. Take more breaks from social media

I have definitely done this, and really appreciated them!

20. Move on

I think I have finally moved on from what I was referring to in this point. A lot has happened since which has set me back in a lot of ways, but I have been able to shift some of the baggage from my teenage years and hopefully, going into my twenties, I'll be in a much better place. 

I hope you have enjoyed hearing me reflect on the past year in a way, and maybe you've learnt a thing or two about me. Most notably, how I hate exercise and always have ambitious plans to get over that, yet I never stick to them. lol. Who knows, maybe the few I didn't do, I'll get done in the next 44 days? (Edit: I didn't, lol)

Do I start writing my 30 before 30 yet?

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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