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#AD. Shopping on a student budget! Finding the best deals with Jack's!

*Includes paid promotion. Last week I was invited by the Jack's team to check out one of their stores and showcase what they have to offer, here on my blog and Instagram. As you will probably know by now, I am both a student, and vegetarian, so I am always on the hunt for budget friendly, plant based eats. And spoiler alert, Jack's certainly delivered on both of the above. They provided me with a voucher to spend, and I was blown away with how much I managed to buy with it! Thanks so much to the Jack's team for reaching out and working with me, it's been a pleasure! Now, onto the food! Jack's is a new discount supermarket which is a part of the Tesco's family. Jack's offers a fabulous range of great quality products, including ones from their own brand, as well as big name's that you'd expect in any supermarket. Jack's is a discount chain, meaning you'll be paying less than you'd expect for most of their products too. They provide outst


One of my most cherished friends, Adam, passed away yesterday. It is with an extremely heavy heart and tears rolling down my face that I type that. I am struggling to find the words to write, so instead I am going to tell you about him.  The first thing I want to say is that Adam was my biggest fan, my greatest supporter. From the day I met him, he read every single one of my blog posts, and watched every video too. It stings knowing that he'll never read this, but I know he is watching over me as I am writing it. He shared all of my social media posts with his friends, always encouraging people to read and watch. He was such a cheerleader for everything I did. I always felt really reassured because of this. He told me often how proud he was of me and it meant so much, knowing that I had someone who truly believed in everything I did. He would send me "daily reminders", he would call them, where he'd tell me that I was amazing. His encouragement and belief in me was e