#AD. Shopping on a student budget! Finding the best deals with Jack's!

*Includes paid promotion.

Last week I was invited by the Jack's team to check out one of their stores and showcase what they have to offer, here on my blog and Instagram. As you will probably know by now, I am both a student, and vegetarian, so I am always on the hunt for budget friendly, plant based eats. And spoiler alert, Jack's certainly delivered on both of the above. They provided me with a voucher to spend, and I was blown away with how much I managed to buy with it! Thanks so much to the Jack's team for reaching out and working with me, it's been a pleasure! Now, onto the food!

Jack's is a new discount supermarket which is a part of the Tesco's family. Jack's offers a fabulous range of great quality products, including ones from their own brand, as well as big name's that you'd expect in any supermarket. Jack's is a discount chain, meaning you'll be paying less than you'd expect for most of their products too. They provide outstanding value - I certainly noticed this when it came to some of their vegetarian and vegan choices. One item I noticed that was amazing value was Alpro oat milk. Only £1 per carton! So nice, such a bargain and proper nice as well! (If you get that reference, we are the same.)

They are both family focused, as well as food and recipe focused, meaning they are constantly striving to bring families around Britain the freshest, yet most affordable produce. 

When I tell you, I squealed when I saw the vegetarian and vegan freezer section! They had such a vast range of both meat alternatives and more plant based choices. I was excited to see some of my staples, fake chicken, fake mince etc, along with some other options, like their veggie fingers!

I've already tried the chicken pieces, they were so yummy! My Mum and I made our own vegan version of hunters chicken with them, and it came out so good! We used a hunters chicken sauce that we found at Jack's too.

Something I loved about Jack's is that they have a bakery section! A whole section of freshly baked, yet low priced goods! I went pretty late in the day so the shelves weren't full but I spotted croissants, bread loaves and cookies! What a treat. I also really liked their fridge selection, they have lots of easy lunches for when you're on the go, including items that I'd never seen anywhere before. I absolutely loved their curry in a naan wrap, I had one for my lunch the other day (they do a veggie one) and it was delicious! I also picked up some other necessities from this area, including Quorn cocktail sausages and a vegan pasty! My faves!

If you're a student like me, you needn't worry, Jack's has all the noodle options! I picked up some of their instant noodles for only 14p a piece! Now, I don't to live off these like a stereotypical student, however, it is always handy to have some in! And for only 14p, you can't go wrong! A good way to stock the cupboards, at again, a ridiculously low price!

You can find your nearest Jack's store here - https://www.jacks-uk.com/stores! :) The one I visited was in Sheffield, I am hoping they come to Derby soon! With the choice they have, with the prices they have, they are certainly a supermarket to check out. They don't just sell food, they have household products (such as cleaning items and health and beauty too!) as well as home decor and stationery too. They even have a When It’s Gone It’s Gone (WIGIG) middle aisle. They offer a wide range of products there, meaning there is always something new to discover! From homewares to electricals, from kids’ toys to garden furniture, they truly do it all. 

Thanks again to Jack's for sponsoring this post, I can't wait to be back soon, picking up all of my favourite goodies! Don't forget to check out my Instagram post, as well as checking out my food account (@toptierscran) to see what I make with some of the items I got from Jack's.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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