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How #Covid-19 and it's subsequent lockdown actually saved my life

TW: depression, anxiety, suicide I want to start off this post by saying that what I am about to write is in no way intended to be disrespectful to the those hugely affected by Covid-19. Whether you lost a loved one or lost something that meant a lot to you - money, a job, a home, etc, I am sending you so much love. I lost a lot due to the pandemic too, but I also gained some things that I'll weirdly enough, forever be grateful to 2020 for, however much of a shitshow this year has been.  Let's go back to the start of 2020. I started out the year in a good place - physically. I saw in the New Year in Arizona with my best friend Andrea. But mentally, my anxiety was the worst it's ever been. I went through something in the previous November which well and truly changed me. It threw my life completely of course and has scarred me. I was suppressing it, what had happened to me, and trying to get by. The trip to Arizona was booked and I was just focusing on being excited for that