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Do you know what I love? Bargain makeup sets at Christmas, and this one is not one to be excluded. Sleek have come out with (or maybe this one is on Boots) with a set of smaller (still good sizes though) liquid lipsticks for a steal of 6 squid. 

and, they are on 3 for 2. I bought two for my friends, and kept the third for me. It was free after all, so I felt as if I could justify it.

The colours are so pretty, you get a peachy pink nude, a red, a berry and a deep dark winey colour.

My faves are the nude and the red as I think they have the best formula. The deeper colours can be a lil patchy (yes, excuse the swatches, applying several liquid lipsticks one after another can often take a toll on the lips)

I think this would be amazing present for any makeup lover, and I know the beauty fans I have bought them for will appreciate them.

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