Recently the posts here on my blog have been of the heavier nature. I thought that today I would do a lighter post, focused on (in my humble opinion) the best ROMANCE FILMS on da flix. (Or Netflix, I am just trying to be hip).

I should probably start by saying that I am absolutely obsessed with romance movies. They are my go to. A form of escapism. I love them and live my life through them, lol. I guess I am just a big softy underneath my *attempt at a* hard exterior.

Let's start! 
Not all of these are strictly pure mush/trash. Yet, I like them all, so I figure if you have a similar taste to me you'll like them too. Oh, and another thing, these aren't my top romance films of all time. They are just the best romance films on Netflix. Some of my all time favourite lovey dove movies aren't available on there, sadly. 
The Fundamentals of Caring

"A writer (Paul Rudd) retires after a personal tragedy and becomes a disabled teen's caregiver. When the two embark on an i…

A blog?! 4 YEARS LATER

August 15th, 2015.

I opened up Blogger for the first time and began to write.

I titled my post "A blog?!" and introduced myself to the internet.

That was 4 years ago. 4 years ago I started my online journey, kicking off with this very blog, which later led to a YouTube channel, and lots of other cool things.

I can't believe it has been 4 years. I feel like in a lot of ways, I have done a full circle. In that very first post, I mentioned that my main passion was writing. I think I lost that at some points over the past couple of years, but I can confidently say that once again, writing is my main interest. It brings me so much joy and it is something that I pour everything I have into. It feels so good to be so committed to something once more.

"This blog isn't restricted to certain types of posts, I will just be typing and writing about anything that inspires me at that moment in time." Again, reading this back, it all just feels so full circle. I have gone…

A cherry pie isn't a failure just because you ate it all

Over a year ago now I wrote a blog post named "What makes a successful relationship?". I wrote it because I was curious. I wrote it in defence to an altercation I had. I wrote it because I was looking for validation.

The whole post was one big discussion about the definition of success, in relation to well, relationships. And when I say relationships, I mean all kinds, romantic and not. I spoke about how all relationships don't have to be society's definition of successful, to be successful for you. I did a lot of reading when I was writing that post, and I couldn't find a source that said what I was trying to say.

And then last month, I read a book.

It was called "When we collided".

And it said what I have been trying to say, for this past year.

"That's the thing they never tell you about love stories: just because one ends, that doesn't mean it failed. A cherry pie isn't a failure just because you ate it all. It's perfect for what …

The mess becomes a map once you know how to use it

“I’m a mess” or "it's a mess" is something I feel like I say and a lot of others say, often

We toss it around, we call ourselves disastrous and complicated. We are so quick to label situations catastrophic and tricky. 
I recently read a quote in the book “Open Road Summer” which totally has inspired this post. “The mess becomes a map once you know how to use it”. It really struck a chord with me. It was used when describing the sky, and the stars that are around our planet, however I feel like it can and does apply to our lives too. The mess that we seemingly have created in the short time we have been on this earth can guide us to make better, well informed choices in the future. 
There is a lot of talk at the moment about the butterfly effect, and how every, *seemingly small*, decision we make influences and impacts the next one. If we didn’t make bad decisions (/A MESS) we might not be where we are today and if we didn’t make good decisions we also might not be ther…

Why it’s okay to cut toxic friends out of your life

“But they’re my friend.”

“We’ve known each other for ages!”

“They’ve been there for me in the past.”

...All of these are excuses I have heard in the past, reasons as to why people feel as if they cannot cut contact with a friend who brings a shit ton of toxicity into their life.

It’s difficult. It really is. These are people we trust/ed. People we’ve built bonds with. People we thought would be in our lives for the long run. Accepting that they might be who we thought they are, or that they aren’t right for us, or that they might need to be cut off... it’s hard to deal with.

This blog post came to me today after I saw somebody in public who I used to be really, really good friends with. We no longer speak after I decided to cut her off due to several insensitive comments she made about me/a difficult situation I was in. This was someone who I had known for 6 years, someone I thought was a proper mate. She proved otherwise, and I decided that was it.

Some people might think that wa…

Making new memories at old places

Today I had a lovely day, wandering around Sheffield's Botanical Gardens with the gorgeous Shannon Alexandra. I haven't been to the gardens in what must have been over 10 years. Maybe even 12, or 13. The last time I went was with family members I no longer have contact with. I remember the day so clearly. 

It was actually a really happy day, one of few with them. It had snowed really heavily, and we were building a snowman out front and having a snowball fight. It was so quiet, we were the only ones there (or so I remember). That was so liberating to me as a small child. It felt freeing. 
Looking back to then, and considering how much has changed since, it's so weird to contemplate. I wasn't purposely avoiding the place - the memory only came back to me when I was sat staring at the lawn whilst waiting for Shannon to arrive. But it did make me think about how, in the past, I have stopped myself from going to places that I believed I would rather just, forget. 
Just ove…

So, you're going to get a tattoo? | Tattoo advice for newbies, my experiences & my latest addition

I very much wear my heart on my sleeve, but I also wear my heart on my skin too. I have tattoos, all of which hold great meaning for me, and truly represent who I am. I have 5 so far, since turning 18 a little over a year ago. Each tattoo has been a different experience, so I thought I would share those experiences, in the hope of helping anyone who is thinking about getting their first, or maybe second or third, tattoo. Tattoo experiences vary due to the artist, the placement, the size etc, so I hope there is something for everyone in this post, due to the fact I would say I have a variation of all of the above. 
I am going to split this post into 3 sections. Before getting a tattoo, the day of your tattoo, and the aftercare process. I have actually done a video about my tattoos (it was filmed before my most recent one) so if you want to watch a tattoo tour, you can do here

My first tip would 100% be to sit on a tattoo idea for a *long* while. This glorious …