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Leeds Festival + Blog Update // New schedule


Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was at Leeds Festival all day and didn't get back until 2:30am this morning! Unfortunately, me posting everyday on this blog has come to an end! I am going back to school in a matter of days and I just won't have the time to post everyday when I do. But don't worry, I will be posting every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. That's what I have decided so far, but that may change. I might miss a day or do an extra post, it isn't set in place. It's kind of just like a guideline, I'll try to post those days but things might happen which I can't prevent, meaning days could get switched around etc. However, do keep an eye on my twitter, for updates and links to posts!

Onto to Leeds Festival, here are the pictures. I only took a few.

We saw DJ Fresh, Charli XCX, Royal Blood, Metallica and a few others!

See you Thursday, I think. I do go back to school on Thursday, so it is likely to be a school related post!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

Sleek Del Mar Vol.II Limited Edition Palette Review with Swatches

I had high hopes for this palette. The packaging is nice, and as the name suggests, sleek. The outer packaging was beautiful, all tropical and holiday themed, it really enticed me.

Outer Packaging.

The actual palette packaging front and back.

So far so good. The colours looked amazing, fun, but not too outrageous. They were colourful, but there were also some neutrals, so you could easily create a wearable look. 

I'd always heard that on YouTube and Blogs that Sleek Palettes were so highly pigmented and great value for money. I am sure this palette cost £7.99, which I believe was a reasonable price for a drugstore palette. However, I do love MUA palettes, I own about 3 of those, and they cost between £4 and £6. And I have to say, I prefer the MUA ones. I never hear anything about the MUA palettes on the internet, and I believe they are incredible for the price.

Anyway, going back to the Sleek palette. I was so excited to use this palette! But it is very summery obviously so I decided I was going to save it until my holiday to use it. I bought this in April - my holiday was in July. I had to wait a while, but I couldn't really pull half the colours off in April/May anyway.

A great thing about this palette is it's huge mirror. I found that really handy while I was away. 

Here are the first row swatches. As you can see, they aren't very pigmented. They have barely much pigment to them in all honestly. They are quite hard to work with, and tricky to build up much colour. The one between the yellow and the green is meant to be a bright shimmery gold, but it hardly shows at all! They are not the most blendable, and because you have to use a lot, they crease quite a lot. 

Second row of swatches.

The only colour I found to be nicely pigmented was the first colour on the second row. (The first swatch above.) It is kind of a pearl, shimmery finish, and I do like this shade. However, the fact there is only one colour out of 12 that I think works well, is not the most pleasing. 

I then decided to show you what the colours look like with a primer underneath. This is an Avon primer in the shade light beige. They show up slightly brighter, but nothing major.

Overall I was disappointed by this palette, I fell in love with the shades when I saw them but the pigmentation is a let down. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

How to: Make a Nutella Milkshake!

This is a pretty simple shake to make, but this recipe was requested so here goes!

You will need vanilla ice cream, milk and Nutella! And a blender of your choice. I am using a nutribullet, but I'm sure any blender/food processor will be fine.

Then I just added my ingredients to the blender. A generous scoop of the ice cream. You could even use chocolate ice cream if you wanted it to be extra chocolaty.

A heaped table spoon of Nutella.

And enough milk to cover both the ice cream and Nutella.

Then you whizz, whizz, whizz until it's all mixed up and smooth!

I then poured it into this coffee glass ready to enjoy! I have tried this recipe out a few times and found this ratio worked the best. But generally you can just play around with it, if you want it more liquidy add more milk, if you want it more Nutellay, well add more Nutella!

It goes so frothy on top, and it tastes so good! I also added a small bit of ice cream to garnish, but you don't have to do that obviously. You could garnish with strawberries, or chocolate sauce, or just leave it plain. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

My Dressing Table // August 2015

I thought I would show you some pictures of my dressing table, and what I keep on it.

But before I do, I just wanted to say none of my photos are edited or have filters on. I like to keep things natural, and give you the actual image, instead of you not being able to tell what colour something is because I have 100 filters on it. They are also all taken on my IPhone 5C.

This is an overview of my dressing table area. The dressing table is the Malm one from Ikea, and the mirror and shelf are also from Ikea too.

This is a picture of my desk close up. The chair was again from Ikea. The lipstick organiser is from Amazon, the quote picture is from Gabby's range at Primark, as well as the cat eye mask. Then you can also see my Tanya Burr Hollywood eyes palette. Next to that is the letter 'T', which I actually made myself. I purchased a cardboard 'T' and decoupaged it with this gorgeous blue and white flowered paper. I then have my brand new makeup bag, which I will be doing a 'What's in my makeup bag' when I go back to school. I just get my makeup out of my drawers when it's the holidays, but when it's school time I prefer to have a makeup bag so I can just chuck it in my bag if needs be. Anyway, next to that I have a makeup setting spray. Then my makeup brush pots, one for eye brushes and one for face brushes. Next I have my mirror, which I use to do my makeup everyday. And lastly I have a coaster which my mum bought me a few years back. It has a poem on about mothers and daughters.

In the drawer under my desk I keep stationary, but I'm thinking of doing another blog post showing you around there.

This is my shelf. It holds books and photo frames. It keeps my favourite books on it. I really want to do a favourite books blog post, so let me know if you would like that.

This layout will probably change soon as I do like to switch things up. I really want a pin board or a whiteboard in the space between my desk and shelf, but I'm worried it might look too crowded. If I do get one, I will be sure to show you!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

My Makeup Wishlist

Often I find my self typing out a dream make up bag in my phone. Which foundation I'd love, which contour kit, which whatever. I've done drugstore, realistic (with a budget) and high end. The one I have in my head at the moment, is a mixture of all those, and I'd thought I'd share it with you, along with a 'if money was no object' alternative. They are not meant to be dupes, just a more expensive product in the same category I'd love to try. I've tried to not repeat the same brand, as I want to branch out and explore as many as possible.

Maybeline Baby Skin £7.99 // Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer £25.50
A friend of mine uses the baby skin and says it's amazing, and I really want to try it. However, if I could go for any, I also really want to try the Smashbox one. 

L'oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation £7.99 // Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup Instant Natural Radiance SPF 15 £33
I think the Chanel one has the longest possible name for a foundation ever, but I really want to try it. I see so many amazing beauty YouTubers rave about it and it seems my kind of thing. I also see people rave about the L'oreal one, so I am desperate to try that too.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19 // Bobbi Brown Corrector £19
I own the Collection Lasting Perfection already, but it's a dark shade, and I really want to get the lightest shade to try to cover my dark circles and highlight under my eyes. I also want to try the Bobbi Brown correctors, they are a cult product!

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder £8.99 // Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder £38
Again, both very talked about on YouTube and Blogs, and I think the Hourglass one is such a luxurious looking product, but the price tag is very hefty.

Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit £5.99 // Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette around £55 on UK websites, but on Sephora US it is $49 which is about £29.

NYC Sunny Bronzer £1.99 // Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder £23.50
These are apparently dupes for each other. I have the NYC one at the moment, but it is slightly smashed so I do want another. Even though I have the apparent dupe, I am still desperate to give Hoola a go. 

Gosh Multi Colour Blush Pink 50 £7.99 // Nars Blush in Orgasm £23
I've not heard anyone talk about the Gosh blush, but I think it looks gorgeous. And obviously the Nars blush is a cult classic, it's just the name that puts me of slightly.

Revlon Highlighting Palette Rose Glow £9.99 // The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter Shadow Shimmer £17.49
Both very beautiful!

Sleek Brow Kit in Dark £8.49 // Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz £15
I'm more into powders for my brows, but I do really want to try the world renowned brow wiz!

Brow gel
Eylure Brow Control and Shape Gel £6.25 // Make Up For Ever Brow Seal around £13

Eye-shadow Primer 
B. Fixed Eye-Shadow Primer £8.99 // Urban Decay Eye-Shadow Primer Potion Original £16

Eye-shadow Quad
Soap and Glory Lid Stuff What's Nude £10 // Mac Custom Quad £45
I love the look of the Soap and Glory quad, but I really want to create my own with Mac shadows. I have two options. Quad one would have Nylon, Naked lunch, Satin taupe and Quarry. Quad two would have Cranberry, Sumptuous Olive, Amber lights and Soft brown. 

Liquid Liner
Barry M Liquid Liner £4.79 // Dior Style Liner £22

Kohl Brown Liner 
Max Factor Kohl Liner Brown £4.99 // Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'N' Kohl Barbarella Brown Iconic Liquid Eye-liner Pencil £19.00

Elf Studio Mineral Infused Mascara $3 (About £1.92) // Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara £19
Again apart from the odd name of the Too faced one, it looks like an amazing mascara and I'd love to try it. I've also heard great things about the Elf one too.

Topshop Lipstick in Naturist £8 // YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Mouth-Watering Berry £26

I haven't included brushes or the make up bag I want in this post as I wanted it to be just makeup. But if you like I could perhaps do a follow up post where I talk about any extras, including brushes, tools, accessories etc. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. It took me forever to collect the information, all the full names and prices and then actually write it! 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


Q and A #1

I'm just going to jump straight in with it, my first ever Q and A, or Q and slay as Tyler Oakley would say! *Cue claps*

There is not that many questions so here we go!

Someone asks...
Why did you join twitter? (As a YouTube/PLL themed account)
I already had a personal twitter account, but I didn't use it very much as the only thing I wanted to tweet was tweets to my favourite YouTubers/actors or things to do with that. On my personal account I had all the people who I go to school with, and I thought it wouldn't be the best thing if I started to bombard their timelines with such things. The other reason was because I wanted to be in a community where people enjoy the same things as me, as well as me being able to talk to people who I actually have things in common with. 

Someone asks...
What do you like about Pretty Little Liars so much?
I like the fact that PLL addresses so many modern day issues. It explores depths that many TV shows wouldn't dare of, and it takes risks which I enjoy. It has the perfect balance of mystery and realism. I love the mystery and the suspense, but also the fact that even though it is so far fetched, it could happen. I really don't like fantasy, things with vampires or wizards or whatever, but PLL pushes the boundaries enough for it not to be boring. 

Someone asks...
If you could spend a day as any YouTuber, who would you be and what would you do?
I think I would have to say Zoe (Zoella). She is so successful with her book and beauty range and obviously YouTube channel, I think it would be super interesting to live a day as her. For the second part, I would say have a day of meetings. Sounds boring I know, but I always wonder what YouTubers do and discuss in meetings! I would then probably say go to an event in the evening, a launch etc. It would be so fun to hang around with the whole crew!

Someone asks...
You have a genie lamp and have three wishes, what would they be?
*I am excluding world peace and similar things as we all want that and its very generic*
1. Be eternally happy and content.
2. Meet my internet best friend. 
3. Have enough money to buy the make up and clothes I want #sorrynotsorry

Someone asks...
What is your hair, fashion and make up staple?
Hair - An all in one hair treatment. I have one at the moment by the brand uniq one (I think that is what it is called) and it is amazing! It has 10 real effects, including shine and frizz control, UVA and UVB filters, adds body, heat protection, silkiness, and more! There are so many! 
Fashion - I would have to go for leggings. I live in leggings. They are comfortable, but look basic and nice at the same time. If I was saying something a bit better, I would say a plain white baggy tee as you can dress it up or down.
Make up - A good cool toned brown eye-shadow, I use one for my brows and I often use it through my crease for some definition. Also I think concealer is essential. And a nice comfortable nude lip stick!

Someone asks...
What is your autumn/winter must have make up product?
I have a few. I think first of all plum/berry toned products are essential. A plum toned blush is gorgeous, or a berry lip really shows that you know your seasonal make up, if you get what I mean. A gold eye-shadow is also a must, as well as an ultra conditioning lip balm, for when your lips get all chapped in the cold. And finally a hydrating primer, as it acts like another moisturiser, and after all the double the moisture the better! Especially as the winter comes and your skin gets dryer. 

That's it for my Q and A. Make sure to follow me on twitter, @gabriellaftpll so when I do my next Q and A, your Q can be Ad. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


Tanya Burr Cosmetics Unboxing

Today I got my very exciting parcel from Feel Unique.

On Tanya Burr cosmetic's launch day, I ordered the Hollywood eyes palette and a lip gloss in 'Day Dream'.

I decided to take a few photos of me unboxing the parcel, and share my initial thoughts on the packaging, and look etc. I literally only got this parcel this morning - so I haven't tried any of the products yet, but I'm sure I will do a review of some sort.

This is what the box looks like. It is very easy to open, no knives or scissors needed. You just tear the strip and it opens up.

Inside it is very tightly packaged. I have ordered from Feel Unique before, that is where I got one of my Naked Basics from when two was ordered by accident (that's a story for another day) so I was kind of aware of how it would arrive. I like the fact it is tightly packaged, it disallows the products to get damaged etc.

Taking the inner part out of the box, it looks like this. The cling-film just falls off and the products can come out at the sides.

The new packaging is gorgeous! The new colour scheme is beautiful, and very classy. It feels luxurious, like it cost so much money. The lip gloss cost £5.99 and the eye-shadow palette was £6. So the same price really, I wasn't sure why one was one pence less than the other.

It won't let me post the pictures horizontally and it's really annoying me, but here goes anyway. 

The colours are stunning and I am so excited to use them. Tanya uploaded a tutorial yesterday using this palette, and they looked amazing, so that made me even more excited to receive my delivery! I haven't even swatched them yet, but I am so happy with the selection in the quad, they are my kind of colours. 

The lip gloss is in the shade 'Day Dream' and it's totally my kind of colour, a brown/pink nude. I have looked at the applicator and it is my favourite kind, a flat dofer. The only thing I don't like about this lip gloss so far is the smell. It's not a bad smell, it's just one I don't like. It's watermelon scented, and I really don't like watermelons or the smell of them. I'm sure many people like that scent, but unfortunately it's just not for me. I will obviously still love and enjoy the lip gloss, but initially that did put me off slightly. 

I hope you enjoyed this mini unboxing of my new products from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. 

I really want to do a Blog Q and A, but I am unsure whether anyone would send me questions... If you think this is a good idea, tweet me your questions @gabriellaftpll. Thank you! 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


The Great British Summertime

Summer as I know it is filled with humidity and rain. And today both of those things were apparent.

I thought I would share some pictures from our day out today. We went fruit picking, and then we went on a long walk to a country pub to grab some lunch.

It started off nice.

Oh look, there's me, a box of fruit in hand looking very summery.

Is that sunshine and blue skies I see? It didn't last.

A lovely panorama of the Sheffield countryside.

BEFORE IT STARTED RAINING AND WE GOT ABSOLUTELY SOAKED. Typically British. This was before it got so bad I couldn't take my phone out to take a snap. This was when it was relatively light, before it turned torrential, and we looked no better than a drowned rat.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

This or that + Blog update

I thought in today's blog post it would be fun to answer some general this or that questions, and it might help you to get to know me even better. But first of all, I'd like to apologise for the lack of a blog post yesterday. I've been trying to post everyday since I started my blog, up until I have to go back to school, then it will go on more of a schedule. I'm thinking Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but that might change so don't take my word for it just yet! So back to apologising, yesterday I went out with a friend who I hadn't spent time with in a while, early in the morning, and we didn't get back to late evening. I was going to then write in the evening, but I suddenly became quite ill and had 0% energy. I fell asleep very early, and then woke up, then napped again etc. I was just so groggy and felt yucky, but I had no idea why. So I'm very sorry for that, but I hope you understand! Back to the this or that questions!

I found these questions on Google and thought they'd be good to answer as they cover a range of topics! Let's get started!

Coffee or Tea?
I think I've mentioned this in so many blog posts already but None! I hate both so much. 

Books or Movies?
Both. It depends, I love getting stuck into a good book, but I enjoy movies. If I had to go for one I'd probably say Books as I prefer TV shows over movies, and in all honesty I don't watch that many films.

Flats or Heels?
I'd have to say flats, comfort is key with me!

Summer or Winter?
Winter! I love the cosiness, and the festivities. I like summer abroad, as you can go in the pool and sea, and I love swimming and snorkelling. However summer in England is either raining or too humid to handle! 

Hugs or Kisses?

Lip stick or Lip gloss?
Lip stick

DVD or Big screen?
Big screen, I like going to the cinema.

Pancakes or waffles?
Pancakes! With Nutella and banana! 

Morning or Night?
Probably night.

Jeans or Leggings?
Leggings. Again, comfort is key with me!

Facebook or Instagram?
Instagram! I love taking nice shots, you can follow me if you like, I post a lot of food pictures! Especially Ice cream. -@tamzinlena

Vegetables or Fruit?

Hunger games or Twilight?
I'm not a big fan of either, but I'd probably say Twilight, even though I'm not into fantasy things at ALL.

Scream or Cry?

Flowers or Candy?
Candy, well Sweets because I'm British!

Small town or Big city?
Small town.

Beach or Pool?

Pop or Country?

Sweet or sour?
This made me think of Chinese food. I love Chinese food so much... But Sweet!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


Realistic drugstore makeup starter kit + Makeup tips for beginners

I see a lot of people on YouTube do makeup starter kits, and they are all good, however when I started out with makeup I didn't have half of that stuff - or I couldn't afford it. I see them include Revlon or L'Oreal foundations, which are number 1, too expensive for someone experimenting with makeup, and number 2, unnecessary in my opinion, as I think BB creams are better for someone starting out. But this is all just my opinion, and if you feel as if you want foundation, I understand. The only reason I advise people who are just starting out with makeup not to jump straight in and wear foundation, or even anything as a base, is because when you are young, you usually have fresh, clear skin, and a base which you have never used before can break you out and change your skin. I think the best thing to do is wean yourself on. Start of with a bit of concealer, and then go onto BB cream, then foundation. I started with no foundation or any base, and I just wore a bit of eye-shadow and lip gloss at first. Then I wore a stick concealer, the MUA £1 one which is a good, and I recommend it, but I don't have one to show you on the picture unfortunately.

So this is my makeup starter kit. Enjoy!

Starting off with Base. As I said, I don't think it's necessary, but if you feel as if you need one, the NYC BB cream is a good option. I also really like the Rimmel BB cream. One of the first ever bases I wore was a light coverage foundation, it was called 'Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation' - I think. It was actually really good, but I don't think they sell it any more which is a shame.

Then for concealer, I really like Rimmel Wake me up. You can use this alone if you don't want to wear the BB cream, it works well without.

For powder, I love the Rimmel stay matte, It's my go to powder - it is so matte. Even though I have normal to dry skin, I like to be matte most of the time. If you don't want to be matte, you could go for Rimmel clear complexion.

I don't really recommend going for bronzer when you are just starting out, it's a bit heavy and it can go terribly wrong. I remember I used to wear bronzing balls, applied with those little sponges! It looked terrible. There are some subtle bronzers you can pick up from the drugstore, so I would say go in and swatch them, and make sure they are not to dark.

I would say go for a blush instead, I really like the natural collection ones. The one in the picture is in the shade 'Peach Melba'.

Contour/highlight is too complex in my opinion for now... It can go either really right, or really wrong. I might do a blog post about contour/highlight products for beginners. I'm no expert obviously, but I have had some disasters I could chat about, and show some of my favourite subtle products.

I think eyebrows are a hard one. I takes a long time to understand your eyebrow shape and how to shape and maintain them. It is so easy to go over board on the plucking, which I have done a fair few times. After many over plucking sessions I decided to grow my eyebrows out, and it took forever. I then started to go and get my eyebrows threaded and they are so much better! They cost £5 each time and I just go whenever I feel like they need doing. I used to draw my eyebrows on terribly, so far apart and they looked vile. I recommend starting off with something like Maybeline Brow Drama, it's a brow gel, and you can get them in clear or tinted. They set your brows in place and add a bit of colour if you use one of the tinted ones. It's a great solution for someone who wants to easily add something to their brows.

This one is easy for me, for eye-shadow, I recommend the MUA palettes! They are amazing value for money. They are pigmented and blend-able and look gorgeous! My first MUA palette was the heaven and earth palette, the perfect mix of natural browns. I no longer have that palette as it got a bit too much wear, and the lid snapped off and I hit pan on almost all of the shades. The palette in the picture is the MUA Elysium palette, it's lovely. It has rosy tones, so if they are your thing, check this out! It also comes with a double ended eye-liner/brow bone highlighter. Any of the MUA palettes are great, there are many neutral ones and ones with a pop of colour.

Then for eye-liner, which I don't really wear all to often, but if you want too, I say go for the Rimmel scandal-eyes in Taupe. It's a nice light brown shade, so it doesn't look too harsh.

Mascara was tricky one, only because the drugstore has so many amazing ones!!! The one I have here is the Miss Sporty fabulous lash (I think). It applies well, with a nice amount of length. It's not too over the top, so it isn't too in your face.

Lastly, moving onto lips, I would say get yourself a good lip balm. The one in the picture is the Maybeline Baby Lips, which is OK. It isn't as moisturising as I would like, I prefer the Nivea ones but they are in my handbag and I forgot to get them out! I love the Nivea essential care, and the Nivea fruity shine. I then picked out a Barry M lip gloss, These are great, and I really like this nude shade, I think it's perfect. A lip gloss is a good option as they are comfortable and easy to apply. If you want a lip stick however, Rimmel do some lovely nudes and pops of colour.

Now for brushes. There are only 2 essentials in my opinion. A multi task brush, which you can use for blush, powder, and any other powder products. And a small blending brush, which you can use for both applying product to the lid and for blending it out. In the picture it is the multi task brush from real techniques, and the eye-shadow brush is from catwalk glamour, but you can get them from most brands. As for the application of foundation/BB cream, you can use your hands, but if you want to use a brush, there are typical flat foundations brushes which are available everywhere, or buffing brushes which you can also get from brands such as real techniques.

As for the makeup bag, Primark do amazing ones!!! They are really cheap, and stunning! This one is like an actual bag with no structure, but they also do more structured ones, and clear ones like the following.

They fit everything in nicely, and they are affordable, usually around £2/3/4.

That's everything for my makeup starter kit, along with a few tips for beginners! I hope you enjoyed this, it took me a long time to plan and write.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

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