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Monday treat // Buy 1 get 1 half price Superdrug Vitamin E range

I know. I know. It's Monday, and I'm doing a treat post. "Isn't that a Saturday thing Tamzin?" and "Wasn't your last post a treat post too?". Yes, is the answer to both those questions, BUT, I couldn't not tell you about this great offer on at the moment. And I'm sorry it's two similar posts in a row, but get excited, I have a good one coming up hopefully on Thursday!

Here I have the Vitamin E toning mist and the night cream from the same range. I have been wanting to try these two products for a while now, and while the offer was on, I thought I'd snap them up.

You can check these, and other products from the range out here -

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

Ps. You can follow me on instagram if you like - @tamzinlena . I've had instagram for years but the other day I deleted all my pictures and started again. I'm trying to take better shots and edit them well. Thankyou !!!

Saturday treat // My favourite MUA palette

Here goes, another Saturday treat post. Let me know what you think of these and whether I should keep them up!

This week's treat isn't a new one for me. However, I love it that much, and because it's finally autumn, I feel like I can now share it with you.

This is the MUA 12th night winter shades palette. And I have to say, as a palette obsessive, it is one of my all time favourites!!! It has a beautiful mix of dark, grungy shades and then more cool toned shades. It also has some warmer ones, so you truly can't go wrong with this palette. Especially as it only costs £4 too. What makes me love this palette so much is that it contains my all time favourite eye-shadow - yes, I did just say that - "All Spice".

It's the second one along on the bottom line. It is gorgeous. Just like all the other colours, it blends amazingly, while still being highly pigmented. It appears just like a regular brown in the pan, but when swatched or applied to the eye, it appears duo-chrome. It is almost a purple, with red and green undertones. Sounds strange, and not very appealing I know, but just you wait until you see the swatches!!!

The top row. All these swatches are done with just one rub and swipe. If that makes any sense.

The bottom row, second along is "All Spice". Unfortunately, as the picture is a still, the duo-chrome ness doesn't show, as it reflects differently in different lights.

I got this palette last year, in Autumn or Winter sometime. I was in superdrug, and they had some sort of offer on, spend £8 and you got this palette for free. I was planning on spending £8 anyway, as I was eager to pick up some new MUA things. I grabbed this palette as part of the offer, and it tuned out to be the best thing I got. Obviously that offer is no longer on, as it was last year, but at only £4, it's a steal.

You can buy it here -

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


5 ways to relax WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY.

Hello! I haven't spoke on here in a while as I have had the most stressful week and bit ever. If you saw my previous posts, I mentioned I probably wasn't going to blog for a week or so as I just simply wouldn't have time. Anyway, I'm back now, and I thought of what better blog post to do than a de-stressing, all relaxing one. As I said, I have had a mega stressful week, and now as I am getting back into the swing on things, I am trying my hardest to relax.

So here are 5 ways to chill out without a phone, or tablet or laptop. I think it is important to do this regularly. Take a break from your devices, and just take some moments for yourself. Here's how I do it.

1) Take a bath.

An easy thing to do, but just run a hot bath, chuck in something to create bubbles and then jump straight in. When I had this bath I swirled in some 'Snow fairy', which is my all time favourite shower gel/bath product in general. It's from lush and it smells heavenly. A bath instantly makes me feel more relaxed.

2) Read a book in the garden.

Reading is a great thing to do when your stressed and need to zone out. It's an alternative to sticking the TV on, and I especially enjoy reading in my garden. Not in the rain of course, but when the suns out or its relatively okay weather, it is lovely.

3) Spend time with your pets. (If you have any that is)

If you don't have any pets then this won't apply to you, but one thing that always stops me from stressing out is taking some time to play with or spend time with your animals. I find it so therapeutic. Whether you have a cat or a dog or a rabbit like in my case, it's lovely when you can see them, give them a few treats and relax. It takes my mind of things for a while and really allows me to de-stress.

4) Pamper yourself.

One thing I always do when I'm stressed is give my skin a little pamper. This is a great thing to do as when I am stressed, I tend to break out, so giving my skin this extra boost always works well. I will do my normal skincare routine, but often throw in a face mask and they are a relaxing pamper essential. 

5) Do some activity books.

That might sound completely child like, but there are so many activity books on sale at the moment aimed at adults. Adult colouring books and list books as pictured above are extremely popular. I love this future listography book. You write a list for different topics, such as places you want to go or experiences you want to do, almost like a bucket list. I really like making lists and I think this is so cool.

That's my 5 ways, but if you have any be sure to let me know. Comment down below or send me a tweet @gabriellaftpll. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

Saturday treat // Rimmel 2 for £10

I want to do a new thing on my blog, called 'Saturday treat'. I just thought of this idea earlier, where I could show something which I've treated myself to, whether that be makeup or food or an experience. There will usually be some sort of offer attached, and this weeks is Rimmel's latest, 2 for £10.

This offer is AMAZING!!! Foundations priced at £8/9 each are included in this deal. Which is obviously brilliant, because that is more or less buy one get one free! I highly recommend you nip into superdrug or place an online order - just don't miss out!

Here is what I bought:

They are both usually £6.99 each, meaning I saved around £4 which is great. I would have picked up some foundations, but I don't REALLY need one at the moment, so I opted for these. I have been using the mini of this primer recently and I fell in love, so I did intend to pick up a full size. I have also been eyeing up this eye-shadow quad recently too, I think it has the most perfect autumnal shades, I am mega excited to use it.

You can buy these here :

Eye-shadows -
Primer -

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

What's in my makeup bag? // Everyday school edition

Before I went back to school, I decided to start keeping my makeup in a makeup bag, as it is then much easier to grab and put on in a morning. It is just easier than going through my drawers, and picking things out. I also wanted to really start getting into and using products properly, instead of just using them once or twice. And putting them back in the.. *wait for it* Alex 9 drawers! You guessed correctly. But they are amazing makeup storage.

This is my makeup bag at the moment. I mentioned it in my previous post. It's from Primark if you missed that, and I love it.

For base I have... all Rimmel products... I really believe they have the best bases at the drugstore. I have the Rimmel fix and perfect pro primer, Rimmel wake me up foundation, Rimmel wake me up concealer and the Rimmel stay matte powder. All of these I love, all of these I am obsessed with. 

Next I have other face products. I don't usually wear bronzer for school as I like to keep things light and not too heavy. But if I do I will opt for this Avon warm glow bronzer. I then am getting really into my Sephora blush in 'Heated!' and my Kiko Milano radiant touch creamy stick highlighter. The blush hasn't got loads of pigmentation, but it is quite build-able. It's just enough for a subtle everyday blush, and it lasts for so long! 

For eyebrows I use my MUA matte eye-shadow in the shade chestnut of course. Then I whack  bit of the maybeline brow drama on top to set those in place. At the moment, I am digging eye-shadow crayons. I have always loved cream eye-shadow. but in stick form they are even better! So easy to use, blendable and they set in place. I use the pale Collection one all over the lid, and then the NYC dark brown one in the crease. Then I just blend them out with a fluffy brush and we're all done. I then add some of my favourite mascara, the Avon boost it waterproof. 

I don't keep my makeup brushes in my bag as they don't fit, but these are the ones I use on an everyday basis. My real techniques buffing brush, contour brush (for concealer), multi task brush, and deluxe shadow (I think?). And then my Avon cheek brush, an unbranded eyebrow spooly and brush.

That's it. I hope you enjoyed it.

A quick note. My blog scheduling is all over the place at the moment. So apologises for any missed posts or what have you. I went back to school the other day and its been so hectic AND I have all my theatre shows next week, and extra rehearsals flying about. It's mega stressful but I will still try to post as much as possible.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


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August Favourites 2015

I'm bit late with this. It's already the 5th of September, but anyway, here goes!

August felt quite long. Thinking back to the beginning of the month, I was on holiday, so I had many items to consider for my favourites. But here are the ones that made the cut.

This picture is so lovely to keep on my dressing table. I see it as I am getting ready every morning and it's just a nice way to start off the day. I showed this in a previous haul post, it is from Gabby (Velvet Gh0st)'s homeware range with Primark.

I am obsessed with this handbag! I picked it up on the Newlook website for only £3.50.

These lentil chips have been my summer snack. They are so tasty and are not too bad for you.

Next up is my kindle. I loved having this while I was on holiday. It was so handy, and I enjoyed reading my books, Life with a sprinkle of glitter, All the bright places and Girl on the train on it.

I have also been loving my makeup bag. It is from Primark, but I think its beautiful, and could easily pass as something which cost a lot more than £3.

Another item from Primark is this instant nail varnish remover. This was again so handy for holiday and for on the go, one twist and your done. I can't believe it was only £1.

I am also in love with this necklace from Newlook. The detailing on the elephant is gorgeous. 

Zoella lets sprtiz is my scent of the summer. It has this gorgeous fruity scent, and it is just beautiful!

For bases this month, I have been obsessed with the Rimmel fix and perfect primer (this is a mini) and the Revlon mineral mousse foundation. They work amazingly together, creating a smooth, comfortable feel on the skin.

This bronzer was perfect for the summer (well what we had of it in England). It does have flecks of glitter in, but they just work with the natural glow of the bronzer to add a healthy radiance to your face.

This eye-shadow quad has been fabulous. This is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics eye-shadow quad in Hollywood eyes. The golden tones really suit my blue eyes, they make them stand out. And this mascara is my new holy-grail.  

An oldie but a goodie here. My holy grail eyebrow product. It's the MUA matte eye-shadow in the shade chestnut. It's kind of a cool toned brown, which is a perfect match for my hair. I love that it hasn't got any warmness in it, it doesn't look orange at all on the brows. It's also the perfect texture, there is hardly any fall out and it's not powdery at all.

And lastly are these two hair products. An all in one spray which has worked wonders at keeping my hair protected from any types of damage, and this John Freda sea salt spray which is great for adding texture.

That's it for my august favourites. Oo actually, I needed to mention one last thing. As you all probably know, I am a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars and of course, you probably know this as well, it was the finale/A reveal this month. I haven't spoke about it in my favourites as I'm thinking about doing a separate blog post on it. I do have mixed emotions about it and I'd love to know how you feel about it too.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


What's in my school bag/blazer?

I'm so sorry a post didn't go up yesterday. I had to deal with some technical difficulties with my blog, but I've finally got it all sorted.

I went back to school yesterday! So here is the contents of my bag, as well as my blazer, as I keep a fair few things in there too.

The bag itself is from Newlook. I usually go for a handbag style for my school bags, but this year I fancied having a rucksack as its easier to carry and all my handbags tend to break under the weight anyway. I really love the material of this bag, it is grey and padded. The back is leather and I just love the overall style. It cost £19.99.

In the front section of the bag I keep this small Michael Kors purse, which surprisingly fits quite a lot inside. I keep makeup essentials in here, things that if I didn't go to school wearing any makeup, I could apply easily. These are things I feel are essential, concealer, powder, mascara and a lipstick. The lipstick is a Rimmel Kate Moss one in 08. I also keep a small compact mirror in there for touch ups on the go.

A small notebook for whenever I think of something to jot down.

My lunchbox and water bottle.

My hairbrush, pencil case (From Primark, it cost £1!!!) and some sticky notes.

In the inside pocket of my bag I keep a snack bar. For times when I just want to have snack, or I forget to have breakfast etc.

Books, planners, notepads.

Folders for documents/loose sheets.

Now for things in my blazer. I have my pug purse, my keys, headphones, a bracelet and a name sign-thing, which a new teacher made us make so she could learn our names. Yes, I have capitalized and underlined the Z several times as all teachers in my school call me Tazmin or Tamsin. That is not my name!!! I also keep my phone in my blazer, but I was using my phone to take this picture so I obviously couldn't include it.

In my purse I have a lip balm, my bus pass and some spare change for it I need a drink, some food or I need to get somewhere on a bus. I walk to and from school so it's really just in case of an emergency or if I'm going to a friends. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

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