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Recommend 12

I got the idea to do this blog post of Fleur De Force's recent video, recommend 10. I really liked the concept, however being the indecisive person I am I had to go with 12. So if you don't already know the idea of this video/post, it is to select some products that you would whole heartedly recommend to your friends and family and have done before. Enjoy!

The first thing I would recommend is this brush. This is the sephora cheekbone blush brush. I use this for contouring and it works like a dream. It applies the product evenly and because it is tapered it makes it super easy to do.

Often I recommend the Nivea express hydration primer so I thought it was time to share it with you guys. This primer, as the name would suggest, is super hydrating. It feels so refreshing and - hydrating to apply. It creates a gorgeous layer before you apply foundation.

This is the naked basics palette. I think this is a staple in anyone's makeup bag/collection. Having five matte shades and the shimmer makes it super useful. The matte shades come in handy with any look, used alongside a more intense palette. However because there is that shimmer, it makes it perfect for travel, especially because of it's compact size.

A base product I recommend is the Avon ideal flawless CC cream. This is great for less makeup days - it simply applies a light base, evening out the skin without doing anything to drastic. It also have SPF 50 which is amazing - the main reason I took this product abroad with me in the summer.

A cult classic from the drugstore - the Rimmel stay matte powder. You can't get better mattifying powders than this in my opinion, and I recommend this to friends all.the.time. Even if you don't have oily skin - which I don't, I have normal/dry, you will still enjoy it as it sets your makeup in place all day long. I can't rave about this any more, if you haven't checked it out already... go go go!!

Another brush I would recommend is the multi task brush from real techniques. This is great for powder, blush, bronzer.. It has many uses, again as the name would suggest. I think this another staple, again perfect for travelling. In general I would recommend real techniques. They are low cost, but amazing quality.

Mac lipsticks are my go to lipsticks, the formula is just unbelievable. The colour selection is also fantastic. I have two at the moment, cult classic Velvet Teddy and Modesty. I'm planning on getting more, I really like the look of Patisserie and Odyssey.

Models own nail polishes are nail polishes I rave quite a lot about to my friends. My favourite ever nail polish is called 'Champagne' from them. However this is not champagne in the picture as I couldn't find it. I have 3/4 nail paints from models own, all different formulas from different ranges and they are all amazing. I rate them so much.

People are probably bored of hearing about these, but seriously they are so worth the hype. The maybeline colour tattoos are excellent. High pigmentation, very blendable and stunning colour rang. What more can I say?

A bath/shower product now. This is 'Snow fairy' shower gel, which happens to be one of my all time favourite scents. Yes it feels lovely on the skin, but the scent here is what is most important. It smells AMAZING. If your not into sweet scents then you won't like this, but I urge you all to go and check it out.

I also really rate this Manhattan soft mat lip creams. These were actually recommended to be my friend and I have passed it on. I used to have a brown nude shade but that somehow got lost, but whenever I wore it countless people at school asked me what it was. I got mine off Amazon for really cheap.

The last thing I am going to recommend to you today is MUA palettes. I love these eye-shadow palettes. They are highly pigmented, blendable, yet so affordable. They may be one of the cheapest eye-shadows in the drugstore, but I think they are one of the best.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

Chill out time in Newquay + life chit chat

One thing that I love to do is go away with my family. Leave the common stresses of everyday behind and escape to a beautiful place. Wherever that may be it doesn't matter - as long as I am with my family.

As a family, we go away to center parcs about once a year. We usually go in October for my mum and brothers birthday or around half term, it is our annual autumn break. But this year we didn't go for their birthday for a few reasons, but eager to get away still - we decided to go to Newquay and push center parcs back a few months. We last visited Newquay in March. Neil's family live here (my step-dad) so we came to stay with them again. It is currently Friday night (this will go up tonight) and we arrived yesterday, staying until Sunday. My brother stayed at home, so it is just me, my mum and Neil here. I do miss it when my brother doesn't come, but now he is 19 it is understandable. I'm just not used to it I suppose, for the past 15 years he's always been there with me on our little adventures. In the summer, we went on holiday, again without Tyler because he stayed at home again, and I really felt his absence. Tyler and I are close - like I said, I was used to him being there, sharing a room and watching movies or whatever. Going swimming and exploring on the beach, but we've grown up now - And I guess I'm just trying to grasp on to the few family holidays we have left before we've both fully grown up and moved on. When we were in Rhodes in the summer I did feel really down for a lot of it - I was lonely and bored in the room by myself. I had no one else who was up for swimming in the pool for ages or things as such that your parents don't want to do for so long. Anyway, back to talking about Newquay.

Today, we went rockpooling by the sea and I caught quite a lot of shrimp, and a few fish.

I love being by the Sea. As I mentioned in my 15 facts about me when I started this blog, I love the sea, the beach etc. I love the crisp air and the food. Of course the food. Fresh juicy fish and chunky salt covered chips with lashings of vinegar drizzled over the top. And then of course Ben and Jerry's to follow, Phish food is my favourite, as you stroll down the cobbled streets pondering about what nick nak to buy next, staring into the windows peering at the eclectic mix of sea side goodies.

Hope you enjoyed this chatty post - let me know if you did. 

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Also, my lovely friend has recently re launched her blog. It would mean so much to me and her if you was to check it out - <3 She has a similar style to me, and I think you'd enjoy it. Show her some love, and let her know your favourite post so far.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


First Impressions #1 // Avon Bright Start fresh look foundation

Today I used the Avon bright start fresh look foundation for the first time, and I thought I would give you a mini-review on what I thought. A first impressions rather, so I hope you enjoy.

First off the price is £10.

The packaging and name reminds me of the Bourjois foundations, in particular the happy light one. I haven't tried it but it seems similar. The same sort of concept etc.

I like it when products come in outer packaging - I think it feels more luxurious.

It has quite a thick consistency - almost mousey, but it doesn't feel heavy when applied to the skin. On the back of my hand it looked quite orange, but it blends out well and the orange isn't noticeable. It provides a light/medium coverage, which is my favourite. I think you could potentially build it up to a medium, but it isn't a heavy or full coverage for sure. 

It definitely has a fresh look, it's lovely and dewy. I applied this foundation at around 11am, as I'm typing this it is 15:45pm, and it's holding up well. It still looks luminous and even, there is no separation or flakiness. 

This is me wearing the foundation:

It's hard to tell on camera as I look quite washed out and you can't see the luminosity. But in real life it is quite obvious. 

I really liked this foundation and I will continue to try it out and feed back soon. I have mine in the shade 'Nude' by the way, I'm not sure if I have mentioned that. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx



Yesterday, my blog reached 1000 views.

I never started this blog for the views, I started it because I love writing.

I have always loved writing and using my imagination. Creating things so unique most people would be bewildered, taken aback, impressed maybe. Since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with stories and imaginary games, allowing that inner creativity to escape and flow in all directions. I just wanted to be free, come up with these ideas and just run wild. 

I can remember in primary school, at the age of 10 or 11, we attended this after school club. It was at a rugby ground, and we did all sorts of activities, and during our time there we had to create a book. A book about the ground and our experiences. One of the things we also had to include in it was an interview with a rugby player called David McGregor. I remember getting so excited about this. The prospect of interviewing and writing a report. That's what I wanted to do, from that moment on, write about anything, to please anyone. 

Just like David McGregor said - he started rugby because of his past love for it, and that's what I have done, started a blog because of my love for writing.

When I was also 11, I wrote an article about McDonald's. One day I just felt inspired - and went for it, and in the end it was published in the Rotherham advertiser. The thrill of being in a newspaper, having my own article in that black font that everyone longs for, it made me so happy. Even though it was just our local paper, the Rotherham advertiser, I truly felt as if I had achieved something huge, and it was the start of more to come. I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this but in case I haven't, my goal in life is to become a journalist, so that is why this meant so much to me. My mum as the physical copy but here is the digital one.

Now I am going to share something I haven't before. As you may of noticed, I added a section into my blog referring to 'sweet escape'. One of my all time favourite songs is 'The sweet escape' by Gwen Stefani. I have loved this song since I was 6, when it came out. I just heard it and became obsessed. I had the single and would listen to it on repeat. In the song it says 'If I could escape and recreate a place that's my own world'. I think these lyrics link so well with my blog. They talk about creating somewhere that you can escape to, that's yours. And that is exactly what my blog is for me, a place I can go to, and say whatever I like, and not feel sad or resentful or any negative feelings, and just relax and share my favourite things or emotions with my lovely readers.

Also my blog is 'my own world' after all. a place I can go and spill my feelings on what ever topic I desire - whether that be my mental health problems or what lipstick I am loving.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for 1000 views. It may be small or insignificant for some people, but it means so much to me.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


Just a quick reminder.

Be happy.

If someone is doing something that makes you angry or upset, change the situation in order to make yourself happy. If you carry on being unhappy that is only going to stop you from moving forward.

If the thing that makes you unhappy is hard to change, do more alternative things to bring happiness to your life instead.

It's hard for me to say this, especially when I'm unhappy writing this.

But just remember,

Happiness comes from within.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

The battle of the browny pink blushes

A bit of a weird name, but I do have a lot of those blushes, you know, the browny pink ones, the semi natural but with a bit of a twist ones? Yes? You've got the ones.

I love blush. I am not one of those people who can get away with just bronzer and/or highlighter, I just never look quite finished without a bit of blush. The subtle colour to the cheeks makes all the difference on me - and my favourite colours to wear are those almost natural ones, so I thought I'd share a few with you.

The first one is the shade 'Cupcake' from MUA. I'm not really going to describe the colour as all the following are practically the same - well that is the point of this blog post - but it is highly pigmented, while still being creamy and surprisingly long lasting.

This next one is from Sephora, it's more on the pink side, with flecks of gold running through, but again with a hint of brown. It's not as pigmented as the last one, but it does last for a really long time, giving a healthy flushed look.

Thirdly is this one from Natural Collection, in the shade 'Peach Melba'. As the name would suggest, it is slightly peachier than the others, but when applied to the cheeks it does the same sort of job to the rest.

This one is a bit of an unusual one, the blush in question is the one furthest to the left. It's again a browny pink colour, so no change there, but it came in this trio with a highlighter and another blush. It's from a brand called 'Studio' which they occasionally sell in superdrug, around Christmas time in box sets. I remember picking this up just after Christmas, in the sales. The trio came with three eyeshadows, a lip gloss, an eye-liner and potentially something else - I can't quite remember - for £1.99 in the clearance. An absolute bargain. For all of the products I said. It's pretty ridiculous, but such a great find as this blush, along with the others, is highly pigmented and creamy!! 

And finally we have this one from W7. It is one of their powder blushes, and I used to be obsessed with it when I first got into makeup. I don't use it as much now, but I am definitely going to start again as I obviously love the colour - that browny pink.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know if you like any of these and are considering buying any of them or adding them to your Xmas list. Also if there is any blog posts you'd like to see be sure to let me know! 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


Saturday treat // Glamour magazine

Another saturday treat is here!

Glamour magazine is now on sale, in this edition, you receive a 20% H&M voucher and a full size Nails Inc nail varnish! Nails inc nail varnish usually cost around £14, so buying this magazine for only £2 is an amazing offer!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

Autumnal clothing haul

I went shopping, and bought a few pieces of clothing, autumn themed, if you haven't already guessed because of the title.

The first place I went was Primark, and I just bought some socks, essentials really, and these were £2.50.

I then bought this jumper, again from Primark, in this lovely burgundy colour, for only £6.

It has quite a high neck, and it's rather slouchy. I went a size up as I like my jumpers oversized.

These jeans were only £10! They are high waisted, super skinny and soft, and very comfortable.

I think I'm obsessed with acid wash jeans.

The next place I went was Newlook, and I bought this camel coloured (I think) jumper for only £8. 

It's cosy and soft, and this colour, whatever it may be, it really on trend right now.

Next up is this skirt, again from Newlook. It's button down, or is it called button up? I'm not sure, but I love it. 

The pattern is so beautiful, and again a steal at only £10. It was meant to be £17.99, but it was on sale!

Lastly I bought these boots. I am honestly in love with them. They are black, so they go with most things, but the gold detailing just gives them that edge.

They have a small heel, nothing major.

They are from Garage shoes, but they are by the brand 'Johnny Curzon London'. I am not sure if garage shoes is a shop that is everything, but this ones in Meadowhall, in Sheffield, and they have a great selection of shoes at not bad prices. These cost £18, which I thought was great as they feel good quality. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx


Autumn Lips

Here are lovely autumn lippies to get you in the mood for this fall...

MUA Matte lipstick, Lilac Belle, £1

MUA Lipstick, £1

Sephora matte lip cream, shade 13, £9

Barry M Lipgloss, shade 5, £4.49 (Tesco)

Natural collection Lipgloss, Fruits of the forest, £1.99

ELF Jumbo Lipgloss stick, coco loco, £3

Avon Lipstick, Crimson twilight, price varies

Avon Lipgloss, lovey dovey, price varies

Rimmel kate moss lipstick, shade 08, £5.49

Mac Lipstick, velvet teddy, £15.50

MUA Lipstick, Shade 1, £1

Soap and glory sexy mother pucker Lipgloss, charm offensive, £10

I hope you enjoyed delving into the lip products I associate with Autumn, if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

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