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November favourites 2015

I have been enjoying a select few things in November, and I thought I'd show you.

The first thing I have been loving is quite obvious if you read my blog.. That is the collection naturally matt foundation. In a previous post I raved about this, you can check it out here.

The second thing I have been loving is a lipstick from Clinque. I have the sample, but I have been wearing it and loving it so much I'm considering buying the full size. It is in the shade 'nude pop'. It is a gorgeous, glossy every day pink shade, which feels so moisturising and comfortable on the lips.

The third thing I have been loving is a MUA single eye-shadow in the shade 'chamoisee'. It is a beautiful true gold shade, which can be built up or worn subtly for a stunning wash of colour. It is also not too warm, it is quite neutral, which makes a change for gold eyeshadows. These eyeshadows are £1 each and are amazing.

The forth product I have been loving is an eye-shadow palette from Rimmel…

Disappointing products #1

Today I will be telling you all about the products that kind of let me down, didn't live up to the hype or just disappointed me. While I'm writing this, I am listening to Christmas songs and I am very excited for December and of course Christmas, but I thought before I got too much into the festive spirit, I would do some regular posts before they get super Xmas themed - I hope you're excited, I sure am!

The first product I found very disappointing and overall bad, was the Avon colour trend oil control foundation. I do have dry/normal skin (at the moment it's very dry), so that it why I might have not worked at all for me. When I tried to use this it was in the summer when my skin was normal, but it still did nothing for me. It didn't blend well, it actually just separated on my skin. If you have very oily skin then this might work for you. Its now in my 'to give away' pile.

I would just like to say some of these products I will never use again and conseque…

100 days later: A blog?! Revisited

Today my blog is 100 days old.

100 days later and I still love blogging, but a few things have changed, and I have learnt a few things too.

1. My blog's name. I started of as Tamzin Snelling, and stuck with that for the majority of my time. It was only ever temporary - Tamzin Snelling is my full name but I just didn't really like it. I wanted to start blogging and get a feel for it, before I decided on what my name would be. It's now Tamzin Lena. Lena is my middle name and it means a lot to me. Lena was the name of my nan, who has sadly passed away now and I miss her very much. I love the name Lena, having it, and incorporating it into my blog makes me very happy. I like to think my nan would love that too, being a part of me, not only with me having it as my middle name but having it as part of my blog too.

2. I'm trying to be more relaxed about blogging. At first, I was quite rigid on how and when I would upload, worried and stressed if I missed a day or whatever. No…

My thoughts: Newlook Lip Liners

I like these lip liners. At £1.99, you can't really go too wrong, they are great for lining your lips. They are not so great for applying all over the lip as they aren't that creamy, but for defining they are perfect. The colour selection is good, and overall they get a thumbs up from me!

The main reason I purchased these was because I wanted to find a good budget lip liner, which displayed the colour on the end so when they were stood in a pot you could easily see which colour was which. An odd requirement I know - but I was eager to display lip liners on my desk in a clear jar. I wanted them to look all 'matchy matchy' and nice while still being a great lip liner. I will continue to purchase these to further my collection.

I have a mid toned, almost barbie pink colour, a deep purply red and a nude. As soon as I swatched the nude, it reminded me of one of my all time favourite lipsticks - Mac's velvet teddy. The colour is very similar as you can see in the picture…

I'm just a vintage soul

Another photo heavy blog post it is today but I do enjoy doing these photography type ones. Not only that, it's another collab with Izzy. Whoop whoop!! I hope you enjoy it. Go and check her similar post out, on her blog! We went and had a mooch around some vintage shops in Sheffield.

Also, look how cute this bedding is in Primark?!

I'm talking about the paisley style one by the way, not Frozen ;) Though that is pretty cute too!

Whilst in Primark I bought a bag, but I am thinking of doing a what's in my handbag soon with it so I will show you then.

Sending my love to all in Paris, Lebanon and Japan this weekend after the awful tragedies.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

Girls About Town

Today I'm going to keep the text short and sweet because this post is all about the photos. Tonight, I went to Sheffield town with my friend (That girl who blogs/IizzyC) and we decided to take some what we would like to think as of arty, but the random people who were walking past probably just thought we were serious posers. Never the less, I thought I would share them here with you, in collaboration with Izzy. Go and check hers out, it will be up at the same time as this at <3

Bye for now, Tamzin xxx

My new favourite foundation + previous first impressions follow up

I've made a breakthrough... and had a breakout.

I have found my new foundation, but in other news, the foundation I did my last first impressions on unfortunately broke me out. *sad face*. If you saw that post then you would have seen my first impressions were good - but as I continued to use it, my skin didn't react well and it did indeed break me out.

On a more positive note, this is my new favourite foundation. Foundation is something I struggle with so it's actually a pretty big deal that I have found one that finally works for my skin! It is the Collection naturally matt foundation and I love it! As the name would suggest it has a natural matt finish, more like a demi matt or a velvet finish. It just looks healthy, and fresh on the skin, without being too overloaded with glowiness. The problem I usually have with foundation is they either settle in to my pores, cling to my dry patches, break me out, dry out my skin even more or just don't sit right. This one does…

How I styled: my button front skirt

In a recent haul post, I included a button front (I have now discovered that is what it is called, not a button down or button up) skirt. In all honesty, at first I had no idea how to style it. I'm not the most stylish person, I like wearing what I think is nice, what I like no matter the trends, and what is uncomfortable. It doesn't matter to me whether it's 'last season', just as long as it looks good, as I do find it hard to find things that truly suit me.

Anyway, I purchased this skirt because I wanted a skirt that looked quite autumnal and would look cute with jumpers and boots. I wore the following to outfit out to a Starbucks blogging date with my friend and thought it worked well.

I wore the skirt with this quite thin grey turtle neck jumper from primark. I got this some time last year in quite a few sizes too big, because I do often go for the baggy look over fitted things. (All the time actually). I wore brown tights - unusual and something I wouldn't…