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January favourites 2016

Today is January favourites day, and I do have quite a few makeup favourites, but before I get into them, I thought I would tell you about my 'random' favourites.  First of, THE RETURN OF PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! Everyone knows by now that I am absolutely 100% obsessed with PLL, and the fact it has come back after a 6 month hiatus makes me so happy! I know everything about PLL, it is a little bit ridiculous. Ask me a quiz question on it, I will get it right. I'm not trying to bloat here, but I do get 99 or 100% on all the quizzes I do. *round of applause to me* Anyway, back to the actual programme, I am loving the new storyline and seeing how the characters have developed after the 5 year time jump. I did have mixed emotions about the A reveal back in August - but PLL have outdone themselves with season 6B so far. Episode 13 has to be one of my new favourite episodes EVER, and if you have seen it, you'll probably know why... #teamspaleb. I am not going to lie, Spoby were

My thoughts: Makeup revolution lipsticks

I thought that today I would bring back an old series - 'My thoughts'. I think I did one or two of these a while back, and in a nutshell, they are just short blog posts about products I am liking (or even disliking) at that moment in time. Today, my thoughts are all about the Makeup revolution lipsticks, more specifically, the ones I got in my Makeup revolution advent calender. Side note - Don't forget to follow my blog. I had major issues with sorting it out, I couldn't get my followers widget to add to my blog, but now it is all sorted so you can finally follow me! I really want to do a give-away, perhaps when I hit my next milestone so be sure to follow and stick around! xx To the lipsticks! I like all of these shades, par the orange one. I think they are all gorgeous colours and the formula is lovely, except the orange one. The colour is off, it is quite patchy so it doesn't look right and th

Top 10 holy grail products w/ Sophie Hill

Today is a very exciting day, I am collabing with the lovely girl Sophie who has the stunning blog, ! We started chatting a few weeks ago and decided to collab, with the posts being our top 10 favourite ever products, i.e.. our holy grails. I absolutely love Sophie's blog , it is bloomin' gorgeous! Her look books are my fave, you should really go and check them out, as well as her other great posts too! Be sure to comment telling me I have sent you, I'm sure she would appreciate that! And of course follow her, and add her to your reading lists on blogger because I'm sure she would appreciate that! If you are here from Sophie's blog, then hey! I'm Tamzin, I'm 15 (almost 16) and I have a blog where I talk about all things makeup and beauty! I also talk about mental health often, in the hope to help someone who might be struggling with similar issues to me. If you like the sound of this content, be sure to stick around and comment