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January favourites 2016

Today is January favourites day, and I do have quite a few makeup favourites, but before I get into them, I thought I would tell you about my 'random' favourites. 

First of, THE RETURN OF PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! Everyone knows by now that I am absolutely 100% obsessed with PLL, and the fact it has come back after a 6 month hiatus makes me so happy! I know everything about PLL, it is a little bit ridiculous. Ask me a quiz question on it, I will get it right. I'm not trying to bloat here, but I do get 99 or 100% on all the quizzes I do. *round of applause to me* Anyway, back to the actual programme, I am loving the new storyline and seeing how the characters have developed after the 5 year time jump. I did have mixed emotions about the A reveal back in August - but PLL have outdone themselves with season 6B so far. Episode 13 has to be one of my new favourite episodes EVER, and if you have seen it, you'll probably know why... #teamspaleb. I am not going to lie, Spoby were (and probably still are) my number one ship, but the tension and the feelings between Spencer and Caleb is too much to handle! I love it. 

I have 5 song favourites this month and they are:

"stitches" by Shaun Mendes

I have liked this song for ages, since it came out probably, but for some reason it has been played on the radio so much this month and I have just fell back in love with it again!

"somebody to lean on" by Major Lazer and DJ Snake

I really love this song! It makes me feel really happy and instantly puts me in a good mood! It also reminds me of Youtube Rewind 2015, which has to be another fave!

"history" by One Direction

I wouldn't say I am a directioner, but I wouldn't say I am a directionhater (is that even a thing?!) In short, I like some of their songs and this one is definitely one of them! I really really like it. It's catchy and I like the lyrics a lot. 

"eyes shut" by Years and Years

Another great song, I do love all of Years and Years songs.

"don't be so hard on yourself" by Jess Glynne

I find this song so motivational and again it instantly puts me in a good mood.

Moving onto makeup faves!

I have loved the L'Oreal infallible foundation this month. It is full coverage, but very blendable and not cakey! It is a little drying on my nose (because I have dry skin) but if I apply lots of moisturiser in the morning it is fine!

To apply that, I have been loving my Real Techniques buffing brush all over again. However, I am using it in a different way than I used to. Now, instead of buffing it into the skin, I have been stippling it mostly and then lightly buffing it at the end to ensure it looks even. This way provides the most coverage and a beautiful finish. 

Concealer wise I have been loving my Maybeline fit me concealer. It is super creamy and again really blendable, and lightweight under the eyes. It is quite yellow toned which does a good job of brightening up my dark areas.

To set that in place, the Soap and Glory kick ass powder has been my go to. It is again yellow toned which helps to brighten up my face even more. 

I have liked to use my Sephora cheekbone blush brush to set my under eyes and T-Zone. It is the perfect size to prevent you from over powdering. Because I have dry skin, I don't like to use a lot of powder so this is beneficial to me.

Bronzer wise, I have again reached for another Soap and Glory product, the solar powder bronzer. I bought this because of Lily Pebbles, as she raves about it a lot. She revealed in a recent video that she has gone through about 5 of these which must mean it is a winner. It is perfect for an everyday natural bronze, and if you have pale skin, this would be a great colour for you!

I am not going to speak loads about this product loads because I spoke a lot about it in my top ten holy grail products post but I do love it very much. It is the bare minerals loose brow powder in the shade medium brown. It creates such a defined yet natural look brow and I am totally head over heels with it. (You can tell I'm single)

My favourite 4 Mac shadows of the month are Nylon (an intense shimmery highlight), Naked Lunch (a gorgeous pale pink all over the lid colour), Sable (my absolute fave, a red toned cool bronze) and Omega (a light brown transition shade). I have been wearing these colours on an everyday basis, naked lunch all over the lid, sable in the outer corners, omega in the crease and nylon in the inner corners and on the brow bone. It is a perfect every day look. 

My favourite lip balm of January is the Nivea essential care. It is very thick and moisturising, and in the colder months it is perfect to prevent any lip chapping. 

A lip gloss fave has to be this Tanya Burr one in the shade sugar and spice. It came out in a Christmas set and I love it. It is a orangey/brown nude and looks gorgeous over most lipsticks. I feel as if the formula is better than her standard lip glosses, these are more creamy and less sticky. I don't reach for her other lip gloss too much as I can't actually stand the smell (they smell like watermelon) but these have a very Christmassy scent to them. they smell like cake and cookies and baking. mmmm. 

And my final faves are the benebalm and benetint from benefit, together. I wore this combination every night for my pantomime, and they made a really gorgeous subtle red colour. The top one is the balm alone and the bottom is them together.

That is it for my January favourites, I hope you enjoyed this long rambly post, but hey ho, they are the best kind. What have been your favourite products in January? Leave be a comment down below and let me know! I'm intrigued, and also desperate to find some new beauty loves of course!

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

My thoughts: Makeup revolution lipsticks

I thought that today I would bring back an old series - 'My thoughts'. I think I did one or two of these a while back, and in a nutshell, they are just short blog posts about products I am liking (or even disliking) at that moment in time.

Today, my thoughts are all about the Makeup revolution lipsticks, more specifically, the ones I got in my Makeup revolution advent calender.

Side note - Don't forget to follow my blog. I had major issues with sorting it out, I couldn't get my followers widget to add to my blog, but now it is all sorted so you can finally follow me! I really want to do a give-away, perhaps when I hit my next milestone so be sure to follow and stick around! xx

To the lipsticks!

I like all of these shades, par the orange one. I think they are all gorgeous colours and the formula is lovely, except the orange one. The colour is off, it is quite patchy so it doesn't look right and the undertone is really unflattering. All the others I would definitely recommend. My most worn is the nude of course, but I actually really love the red. If I was going to wear a red, it would be this kind. A bright, neon almost cherry red. The dark purple is also a stand out, very reminiscent of Charlotte Tilbury's glastonberry.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post,

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

Top 10 holy grail products w/ Sophie Hill

Today is a very exciting day, I am collabing with the lovely girl Sophie who has the stunning blog,! We started chatting a few weeks ago and decided to collab, with the posts being our top 10 favourite ever products, i.e.. our holy grails. I absolutely love Sophie's blog, it is bloomin' gorgeous! Her look books are my fave, you should really go and check them out, as well as her other great posts too! Be sure to comment telling me I have sent you, I'm sure she would appreciate that! And of course follow her, and add her to your reading lists on blogger because I'm sure she would appreciate that!

If you are here from Sophie's blog, then hey! I'm Tamzin, I'm 15 (almost 16) and I have a blog where I talk about all things makeup and beauty! I also talk about mental health often, in the hope to help someone who might be struggling with similar issues to me. If you like the sound of this content, be sure to stick around and comment down below if you have been sent here by Sophie. I would also love it if you could follow me or add me to your reading list on blogger. It would mean a lot!

Aside from me telling you how wonderful Sophie's blog is, today's post is all about the products I consider to be must haves. These are my ride or die products, the products 'I couldn't live without'. I don't actually have a foundation or concealer included in this post as I tend to change those up a bit, I haven't found one that I truly believe is my all time favourite.

Lets begin!

The first product I am obsessed with is the lip gloss from the brand Model Co. It is in the shade 'striptease' which is a peachy pink colour with a soft golden shimmer running through it. It feels great on the lips as it is only slightly sticky. It is comfortable to wear and smells like strawberries and cream! You can find it here.

I also absolutely love this brow powder from Bare Minerals. I have mine in the shade 'medium brown' and it is a perfect match for my hair. It is a loose powder, and it creates a really nicely defined brow, whilst still looking natural. You can find it here.

My favourite lip balm is the benefit posie balm. It is beautiful. It glides on the lips so smoothly, and adds a touch of colour and plumpness, as well as a whole lot of moisture. It is rare to find a tinted lip balm that actually works, but believe me, this one does. You can find it here

Mac Velvet Teddy is my all time favourite lip stick. It is my perfect nude. It is matte, but it has a creamy formula, which makes it not drying at all. It goes so well with every makeup look, I just love it so much. You can find it here

Another staple in my makeup collection is a good pale shimmery eye shadow. I obviously love this one from the Rimmel palette in Brixton brown - I have hit pan! But any colour like this in general. You can find this palette here, but here are some alternatives, if you are wanting single eye shadows. 

Makeup revolution's 'base'.

Mac's 'nylon'.

Click the shades above to find out where you can buy them.

Another product I am all about is the Kiko Milano radiant touch creamy stick highlighter in the shade 100 gold. I have spoke about this multiple times on my blog, but I love it! It adds such a natural glow to the skin, which can be built up quite easily. You can find it here.

A brilliant drugstore mascara is the Maybeline Lash sensational. It is so worth the hype. It adds lots of length, as well as volume to your lashes, without being clumpy. It gives the effect of falsies, and lasts a really long time. 

More maybeline products I love are the colour tattoos. These eye shadow bases blend amazingly. I wear the colour 'creme de nude' from their matte range everyday under eye shadow for school, and the colour 'on & on bronze' when I want something more metallic. They are great primers, and they are so long wearing. You can find them here.

Moving onto skincare, my favourite face mask is the Superdrug witch hazel mud mask. It is so good for clearing your skin, helping to unclog pores and radiating your complexion. It has salicylic acid, which my skin responds well too. I included this in a skincare haul a few weeks back, and you can find that post here. You can find it to buy here.

My final holy grail product is a moisturiser from Superdrug. It is the vitamin E spf 15 radiance moisture cream. I use this every single morning and not only does it leave your skin feeling super soft, it adds radiance for under makeup and spf! I love this all year round, and I certainly recommend it to people I know. You can find it here.

That is it for my top 10 holy grail products! I have loved making this blog post and collabing with Sophie! It has been so much fun, and I hope you have enjoyed both our posts. To find her post, click on the link at the top which will take you straight to her site and it will be her most recent post. Alternatively, you can click her name anywhere in this blog post and it will take you straight there too!

I did a blog post a while back where I spoke about affordable holy grail products. If you want to read that, you can find it here.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

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