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Who doesn't want to look like Gigi Hadid? Not me. I want to. For sure. She is gorgeous, and I love her makeup look. So, I decided to do my best to recreate it. She seems to go for quite a natural pretty look, with a peachy tone on the eyes and cheeks and a pinky lip. I have been planning and researching this look for so long, and I am so excited to be finally doing it! I am also excited that is it almost spring, and I hope that this look will help you get in the mood for it. Let's begin! Primer : Maybeline baby skin , which helped achieve a smooth flawless base. I also used some of the Rimmel good to glow liquid highlighter, to recreate Gigi's inner glow. Foundation : L'oreal infallible matte . I used this foundation as I wanted a flawless, full coverage finish. Gigi does have really glowy skin, and this foundation is matte (it isn't a flat matte, it does have some reflect to it), but using the glowy base before hand really helped to get the perfect amou

The Pretty Little Liars Tag 2016

Today I thought I would do the PLL Tag. Being a massive fan of PLL, I am mega excited to do this. I have decided to change a few of the questions and add a couple of new ones in to make it more fitting for season 6B. Let's begin! 1. Who is your favourite liar? I can't decide between Hanna and Spencer. If you asked me back in season 1/2, the early days, I would have said Aria. I love writing just like her and some people say I look like her (I'm not too sure). But she started to annoy me as she got fishier, and everyone expected her to be a part of the A gang. I began to love Hanna and Spencer for different reasons. I love Hanna because she is hilarious, her one liners crack me up and she is very determined and sassy. However, I love Spencer because I love her intelligence, her wit, her out to get A mantra and her multiple romances... 2. Who is your favourite couple? Leading on from the last question, ones with Spencer in. If you asked me back in the day, I would hav

Eggs 3 ways

Today's post is going to be a little different, a change from all the beauty stuff. Recently I have been introducing more food related posts onto my blog, and I have really enjoyed doing so. Because of this, I have decided to do a breakfast related post, ideas for ways to enjoy eggs in the morning. I think that having an egg related breakfast is good because it will give you protein and fuel for the day. All of these ideas are meat free too. Let's begin. Breakfast #1 - Poached eggs on crumpets Breakfast #2 - Egg and Cheese muffins Breakfast #3 - Scrambled egg and Bean wrap How do you like your eggs in a morning? Bye for now, Tamzin xxx

My Makeup Brush Collection! (January 2016)

Today I thought that I would show you all the makeup brushes I own. I am currently in the market for new ones, but I do feel as if I have all the essentials. Because of this, I hope this blog post can act as a guide if you are looking to buy your first brushes or just expand your collection. I am wanting a good angled cheek brush/contouring brush, a dense flat shader eye shadow brush and a couple of less dense super soft blending brushes, so if you know of any, please do recommend in the comments below! Not only would this help me but it would also help other people if they are looking for something I don't own! Lets get started! For foundation, I like to use either the Real Techniques expert face brush (left) or the Real Techniques buffing brush (right). If I had to pick one however, I would go for the buffing brush as it works amazingly at buffing product in. The expert face brush is also really good for contouring, especially cream, as it elongated/more tapered so it fit

Baking Tanya Burr's Chocolate Cookies

Today I thought I would share with you my experience baking Tanya Burr's infamous cookies, and tell you how I did it along the way if you are unfamiliar with the gorgeously gooey circles of delight's recipe. You will need: 75g of cocoa powder A dash or two of milk, depending of how dry your mixture seems to be 300g of caster sugar 275g of self raising flour 200g of butter A large bar of white chocolate A large bar of milk chocolate One large egg Method: Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Cream together your butter and sugar in a large mixing bowl, before cracking your egg into the mixture. You then want to stir in all your dry ingredients. At this point you want to add your milk if the dough is looking dry. After this, you want to break all your chocolate up into the squares and chuck it in. (And eat a piece or two - of course!) Start using your hands to form a dough, and when it is all combined, you can put in on a