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Cheese Posties

I am a self confessed cheese monster, and if you are too, I think you'll love this. Watch the video above to learn more about Cheese Posties or follow this link to find out more! I hope you enjoyed this exclusive vlog here on my blog! Bye for now, Tamzin xxx

5 ways to relax in an anxious situation

Often I can find myself in a situation I don’t want to be in. Busy places, large crowds, loud music are all things that sometimes don’t agree with me. Think social events, parties and big gatherings, that’s what I am going to be basing this post on. I thought today, along with Larissa from , I would share my top tips for feeling less anxious in these sorts of situations. Go check her post out, which will be going up at a similar time to this, where she will share 5 more tips about how to try to stay anxiety free in difficult situations. If you enjoy this post, I may do another similar one, discussing how to stay calm in airports or train stations, as that is something I struggle with too. Go in with an open mind. If you approach a situation, whether it is a party or a performance, with the premotion that you are going to end up leaving because of anxiety, it’s more likely to happen. You’ll get yourself worked up, and then feel on ed

Battle of the drugstore liquid highlighters | Makeup revolution, Barry M, Maybelline | Cover Fx Custom enhancer drops dupes

I love a good liquid highlighter. They are so universal, and a definite must have in any makeup collection. I love to mix them with my foundations to create a lighter, more luminous base, and I also love applying them on my cheekbones, either leaving them be or topping them with a powder highlighter for the ultimate glow. Yesterday I picked up two more liquid highlighters to add to my collection. I currently use and adore the Maybelline master strobe, and due to the recent hype over liquid highlighters, I decided to pick up a few more brand new releases to experiment with. Barry M liquid chrome in Moon Potion, Maybelline master strobe in Pink Iridescent, Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter in Liquid Lustre Gold. Breakdown: Barry M - £6.99 / 12ml / Vegan & Cruelty Free Maybelline - £7.99 / 25ml / NOT Vegan or Cruelty Free Makeup Revolution - £6.00 /18ml / Not sure about Vegan, but Cruelty Free Consistency/Formula: Barry M - Thin, runny and no glitter Maybell

Why turning 18 scares the crap out of me

It’s well into September of 2017, which means only one thing. The school year I turn 18. What I mean by this is it’s the start of people who I grew up with, went to school with, am friends with, turning 18. This scares me greatly. Most people can’t wait until their 18 th birthday. They can’t wait to “legally” be able to do all the things they have wanted to do and have been doing anyway since they were 15. Me, well I’m shitting it. I am not a big partier so the whole “going out” thing doesn’t bother me too much. Yes, I will now and then, but it’s not something I’m desperate to do. There are so many things that terrify me about turning 18, here a few. ·         University. Do I want to go? Do I not? ·         What am I doing life wise for that matter? ·         Adult prices of things (boo hoo) ·         Pressure. I ain’t a kid anymore. ·         Where have all the years gone? Can I just press restart? ·         More on that matter, I felt like I wasted my teen

Random Rambles – Damaging relationships & escaping

I want to briefly touch on something so huge one today. It’s something I hate to talk about so I’ll keep it short. Not sweet though... If people like me to talk about these things, then maybe I will go into it a bit more, either in a video or another blog post. Just let me know any (advice based) questions you may have and I’ll either answer them on my blog or YouTube channel. Anyways, what I did want to talk about is damaging relationships and what they can do to you. First off, they obviously damage you, but they don’t and won’t ever define who you are. That’s something I struggled (and still struggle) with greatly as for a huge portion of my life I was linked to that person, both positively and negatively. It was me & them. Them & me, and that’s something I still struggle to overcome. I felt so tied to this person/romantic interest for so many reasons. One of which is because I spent 6 years of my life “on and off” with them, meaning a lot of the time peop

Feeling stressed whilst on HOLIDAY?!

Have you ever been on holiday to get away from the daily stresses of life and end up feeling more stressed? A place to relax? A recent study reveals stresses of work travel on holiday with us… ●     A third of the nation admit to feeling stressed while away on holiday due to work concerns ●     45% of the UK’s population feel that practicing mindfulness activities while away will combat stress issues ●     A third of the UK keep on top of work emails while on holiday Personally, I can often find the whole “switching off” thing hard. I find it difficult to stop thinking about what needs to be done, and instead concentrate on the here and now. I wish I could just relax, and enjoy being away from the things that are causes me stress/anxiety, whether that be work, my Blog/YouTube or even home life. Being a blogger/YouTuber makes this even harder. Being away/on holiday is, let’s face it, a perfect opportunity for content. Whether it’s a city break, or a beach vacation,

#CharityTuesday – Alfie’s Story | Alder Hey

Welcome to a new series on my blog, where every Tuesday I’ll be shedding light on the important stuff. As much as I enjoy writing about makeup and beauty and food and all things like that, it is equally as important to me to share stories of inspirational people and the work some amazing charities do for these brave souls. I'm doing this in the hope to raise awareness – I want to use my platform in the best ways I can, and I feel as if just by you reading this, you may learn something new, feel inspired, or go and show some love to the charity I’ve mentioned. That would be incredible! Love doesn’t equal payment. Donations are always welcome by charities, but retweets, shares, likes and general support never goes unnoticed. Alder Hey Alder Hey Children’s Charity raises vital funds to help make Alder Hey in the Park a truly world-class, patient-friendly hospital for the 275,000 patients and families they care for every year. I'd like you to meet one of them – a patient w

Malée Natural Skincare | Conscious Luxury | Conditioning body scrub review

Something I struggle with quite a lot is dry skin. Sounds disgusting I know, but we've all been there. Whether it's on my face or my legs, it's very irritating and often difficult to remove and prevent. I'm also lazy, which doesn't help. I hate getting out of the shower and applying an ultra thick body lotion and THEN having to wait for it all to sink in, which it never does properly, and THEN it also leaves your skin feeling kinda sticky. I'm all for a 2 in 1 kinda product. Anything to save time and make the process easier, I'm all for. So when Malée reached out and asked if I wanted to try their conditioning body scrub**, I said hell yes.  This body scrub is game changing. It's no wonder it's won an award! It's formula is everything I could want in a scrub. Effective but gentle, moisturizing yet not greasy. There's not loads you can say about a body scrub - but I can say this WORKS. It removes any dead skin that just won