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two thousand and seventeen

2017 was a weird year. January . Lets take it right back to the very first day of this year. It was a strange one, and the rest of the year kind of followed suit. Things had kind of gone wrong with someone I was seeing over Christmas last year, and I felt shitty about myself and life. However, i was feeling optimistic for the year ahead. Then on January 9th, I lost my Nan. She died suddenly and very unexpectedly, and this wasn't the best start to the year. She died the day before her 64th Birthday. She is missed and she should still be here, now, and for many more years. She should have seen me have kids. I wish I had spent more time with her and told her how much I loved her. Because I did. She was strong, and caring, and was someone I felt connected to. Rest in Peace Nanny. At the end of January, I attended a protest with my mum. We marched against Trump's Muslim ban and UK compliancy, and it was an experience. It was in my hometown and it felt good to be