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What I have been eating at Uni so far (Vegetarian)

I thought I would throw together a little post of the majority of the meals I have had so far, whilst living alone, at Uni. Hopefully this post could offer some inspiration for anyone who has just moved to Uni/is living alone for the first time. They are pretty basic, but with a few twists here and there. You will see ingredients repeated as I have been trying to use things up. Just to note, I do know how to cook and enjoy it, it was something I did when I lived at home, so it hasn't been difficult in that sense. Also, I am a vegetarian, so none of these include meat.


I love eggs on toast/crumpets, so I have had that a couple of times. A great source of protein and really filling!


Yes, I said "Evening Meal" in an attempt to avoid the Dinner/Tea argument. (It is Tea by the way)

I had homemade - Chinese style - Veg Fried Rice. Made with frozen mixed veg, this needs a little work in terms of flavour.


My favourite veggie burgers are the Linda McCartney Mozzarella burgers, and in a pitta, with spring onion, they are lush.


Here is bolognese pasta (with veggie mince), which was yummy. I also added spring onion to this, and shredded cheese.


Jacket Potatoes (or Baked Potatoes if you're not from the UK) are a personal fave. This was a lot, so I didn't eat it all. I just had to cook them both as they were going out. One had garlic and herb cream cheese with extra spring onion, and the other just had cheese.


On this night, I was invited to a free curry buffet with my uni. Uni's run many events like this in the few weeks, for particular courses/programmes. I would really recommend taking advantage of these. They are not only a great way to meet peers, they are great for getting a lot of free food, obviously. They had a million veggie options at the restaurant too which very pleasantly surprised me. Pictured is a plate of the starters and a plate of the mains.


This is probably not the most cohesive meal, but I had Quorn nuggets, roast potatoes and cucumber. The roast potatoes were made out of frozen, left over jacket potatoes that I had to panic freeze after they were going off. Worked a treat!


Frozen pizza life. This was from Iceland, and it was pretty basic. I added extra cheese in an attempt to revive it a little. It was okay. For frozen pizzas, my favourites are Ristaronte or ones from the Co-Op.


I succumbed. I had the first microwave meal. Just kidding, there is nothing wrong with that, I just find it funny as it is very typical of a Uni student. It was spinach and ricotta Cannelloni. It was lovely, and accompanied by pitta and orange for afters. I have loved having oranges, they have definitely become staples.


Last night I took advantage of a free burger voucher I received from Nando's. It was a part of the dig in box that was in my room when I arrived at Uni. Turns out you have to spend 7 pounds to get it, so I bought some peri salted chips and halloumi to go along with the butternut burger.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Tonight I am going to cook Spaghetti Bolognese, veggie style, with Quorn mince. I can't wait.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

My current favourite hair products! (Eco Cosmetics)

Today I wanted to shine the spotlight on my two current favourite hair products, from Eco Cosmetics

They are a hair spray and a mousse, made with natural ingredients and stored in slimline, modern packaging. I love the look of these products firstly. I think they really represent the brand well and they are great sizes. 

Starting off with the hairspray, it gives a really firm hold, but doesn't feel to heavy, sticky or greasy. It locks in my baby hairs and prevents any wispiness. The mousse provides my hair with a smooth, glossy finish. I love putting it in prior to blow drying my hair. It gives me a lot of volume and adds that extra bounciness which I like. 

If you haven't checked these out already, I would really recommend doing so. I was sent these a long time ago, meaning I have been consistently using them for months. I like to give things a good go and I definitely have with these. 

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx
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