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What I have been eating at Uni so far (Vegetarian)

I thought I would throw together a little post of the majority of the meals I have had so far, whilst living alone, at Uni. Hopefully this post could offer some inspiration for anyone who has just moved to Uni/is living alone for the first time. They are pretty basic, but with a few twists here and there. You will see ingredients repeated as I have been trying to use things up. Just to note, I do know how to cook and enjoy it, it was something I did when I lived at home, so it hasn't been difficult in that sense. Also, I am a vegetarian, so none of these include meat. MY FAVOURITE BREAKFAST. I love eggs on toast/crumpets, so I have had that a couple of times. A great source of protein and really filling! THE FIRST EVENING MEAL. Yes, I said "Evening Meal" in an attempt to avoid the Dinner/Tea argument. (It is Tea by the way) I had homemade - Chinese style - Veg Fried Rice. Made with frozen mixed veg, this needs a little work in terms of flavour. A HU

My current favourite hair products! (Eco Cosmetics)

Today I wanted to shine the spotlight on my two current favourite hair products, from Eco Cosmetics .  They are a hair spray and a mousse, made with natural ingredients and stored in slimline, modern packaging. I love the look of these products firstly. I think they really represent the brand well and they are great sizes.  Starting off with the hairspray, it gives a really firm hold, but doesn't feel to heavy, sticky or greasy. It locks in my baby hairs and prevents any wispiness. The mousse provides my hair with a smooth, glossy finish. I love putting it in prior to blow drying my hair. It gives me a lot of volume and adds that extra bounciness which I like.  If you haven't checked these out already, I would really recommend doing so. I was sent these a long time ago, meaning I have been consistently using them for months. I like to give things a good go and I definitely have with these.  Bye for now, Tamzin xxx