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What makes a successful relationship?

I want to say before I divulge into this post, that a relationship doesn't have to be romantic. A relationship can and does relate to friendships and the relationship you have with family members or even just acquaintances. As soon as you say the word "relationship" to someone, they automatically presume you mean romantic, and that's not always correct. Friendships and relationships with family members/others are equally important and can be analysed in a similar way. What exactly determines a successful relationship is the question I am asking today. Does every relationship that you have had have to be successful? Can a damaging, negative relationship be successful, as it has still taught you something? What is the end goal? What is the scale of success? I would say a successful relationship is one that makes you happy in one capacity or another.  Whether that relationship lasted for 2 minutes or 2 years. If you think about it, you have a relationship