My response to Kim Kardashian being robbed

Kim Kardashian was robbed the other day. It is a well-known common fact by now. Everyone is talking about it, but some not so in a positive light.

Kim Kardashian is a mother, a wife, a sister, an auntie, a friend. She is a woman, a human being. She is just like me and you. Or your mother, your wife, your sister, your auntie, your friend. She was and is just a person who was held at gun point, against her will, and underwent a scary experience that no one should wish upon anyone else.

Yes, I understand, things like this happen every day, people get held up. But we don’t hear about it. But that is understandable. They are not famous. I don’t mean that is a derogatory way, I’m not saying they matter any less, linking back to my original point, she is just a human like anyone else. But we can’t expect to hear about it every single time it happens, but we can and should expect to feel the same way about everyone it happens to.

People are lacking basic human compassion. It is ridiculous that people are claiming she deserved it – no one deserves that. Just remember, as I keep saying, she is a MOTHER, amongst other things. She has kids. She has a family. If she had died, I bet none of you would be saying the same thing. People wouldn’t be calling her out for her lack of security or the fact she carried very expensive jewellery around. None of that should matter at the end of the day, in layman’s terms, a human was robbed. Have some compassion.

So that was my thoughts, my response when I heard and saw the story circulating and people making comments upon it. However, I have more to say as something happened yesterday and today which has led me to have more thoughts about it.

I study English language at A-Level, and in my class yesterday this topic was brought up. And my teacher’s opinion on it was similar to those on the internet. “She deserved it.” No. No. As my teacher began to discuss his thoughts, I decided to discuss mine. I understood his point, how he was saying she should have had better security, or she should have not have took that much jewellery to Paris. Okay. But what he went on to say next wasn’t okay, and what he did after that definitely wasn’t okay.
He discussed how it was a shame she wasn’t shot, how she should have died, how it was all her fault, how because she’s famous she should have to expect it and deal with it, how she shouldn’t have puts her kids in that position (her kids wasn’t there, he was referring to if she had died and left her kids behind) and finally, how it was probably fake anyway because if she had sold her sex tape then she would do anything for fame.

Stop. Stop shaming a human. (No, I won’t say a woman because I believe in equality, and I don’t call that feminism, I just call that equality. But that is a whole other topic) She was fucking robbed! At gun point! She thought she was going to be raped and killed! She didn’t ask for it, whether she’s famous or she posted a pic of her flashy ring on Snapchat, she didn’t ask for it. Yes, she sold her sex tape, but plenty of people do things in their past, which are regarded as socially not acceptable, but do they also deserve to be robbed? I don’t think so. Take a step back and evaluate the situation. How would you feel if that was your sister, your mum, or just a girl in your local village? You would feel bad for them, sad for them, sad and bad for their family and friends. So why don’t you feel bad for Kim K? You don’t know her, Just like the girl in your local village who could have done something bad which you didn’t know about. You think you know Kim K because she famous, but you don’t. You don’t know what kind of mother she is, you don’t know her!

My teacher said and I quote “the more times you say that name, the more irritating it gets.” Referring to “Kim”. He said that the next day, today, because he decided to base the whole next lesson around it, and we were reading an article about the incident. It mentioned Kim’s name around 30 times. No shit! The article is about her, of course it is going to mention her name. He spoke a lot about the article being bias, but he taught a lesson involving a lot of biased information, about how he hated Kim. Double standards. I’m not typing this to get at my teacher – he was one of my favourites. But my teacher doesn’t only represent my teacher, but it also represents what I’ve heard online. Everything that I’ve said my teacher had said is true, but the reason I’m typing this is to prove my point to the world.

For people arguing the points of, she shouldn’t have been carrying that much jewellery around, it was Paris fashion week. A week of fashion shows where everyone is going to be focused on your fashion. If you’re Kim K, and have that kind of jewellery, you are going to take it to Paris fashion week. To her, those are her best pieces. Like your Adidas superstars or Michael Kors handbag is your best piece, which you’ll wear to the shopping centre on a Saturday. It’s all relative.

For people arguing the points of, she should have had better security. Yeah, maybe, perhaps. Her bodyguard was at Arc nightclub guarding Kourtney and Khloe. Maybe she should have had another one. But it still happened, you can still care without constantly picking fault.
If you take something from this, just think about how you’d feel if it was someone close to you. Or just think about if it happened to someone you don’t know. Or just have some decency and compassion.

Spread love and care not hate and negativity.


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