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two thousand and eighteen

You may recall I did one of these blog posts last year, to round up everything that happened in 2017 . I thought I would do it again as I really enjoyed putting that one together, as well as reading it back 1 year on. I can't believe it has been a whole year (almost, I am starting this in November in an attempt to get ahead) since the last yearly overview. A lot has happened, so let's dive in. 2018 was a wild year.  January . January started off like a typical January. Back to work blues and cold days, up until the 10th when something really cool happened. I was invited to the screening of Coco, a brand new Disney film, in London. It was being hosted by Danielle Mansutti, a YouTuber I really like. I invited my friend Ellie to come with me and we had a day long adventure in the Big Smoke. We caught a really early coach and got a very late one home, but we had a great day and it was so much fun doing something a little spontaneous. In January, I also visi